3 things I wish I’d known when trying to get lean

New Body Plan co-creator Joe Warner reveals the three things he wish he’d known before starting his own body-transformation challenge so you can make the fastest possible progress

1. Don’t delay!
I can’t stress this enough! I suffered from “paralysis by analysis” – I doubted my ability to make major changes to my physique, so I kept finding reasons not to start. Or when I eventually did start I repeatedly chopped and changed my training methods without knowing why. I wasted months and months when all I needed to do was stick to a tried-and-tested plan and then trust in the process.

Every day you delay the start of your body-transformation challenge the harder taking that first step becomes. There really is no time like the present and your starting step can be as simple as taking the New Body Plan quiz. All you need to do is answer some very quick questions and we’ll recommend the perfect New Body Plan programme for your goals, level of experience, and host of other considerations. You can find the quiz by clicking the big yellow button below.

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2. Calories don’t count! 
If I had a £1 for every time somebody asked me some variation of the question, “Joe, how many calories do you eat a day?” I’d be writing you this email from the Seychelles instead of Stratford. The truth is I have absolutely no idea. But my initial attempts to get into good shape floundered because I kept getting caught up in the “calorie conundrum”. I’d log every morsel that entered my mouth and spend ages each day tracking and adding up the grams of carbs, fat and protein I’d eaten.

If I’m brutally honest, I became a bit obsessed, and it made me think differently about food and eating. And not in a good way. Then I started following the New Body Plan “Perfect Portion” approach to nutrition, and everything fell into place. Gone were the days of calorie counting and precision measuring; all I needed was my two hands! If you want a completely fuss-free yet highly-effective way to eat for a leaner, stronger and fitter body you can read how the Perfect Portion strategy works here.

3. It’s never all-or-nothing! 
It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking, especially when you have a busy week coming up, that if you can’t do all the training sessions in your plan then there’s no point doing any of them.

I used to think like this because I, like many people, have a tendency to think in all-or-nothing terms. But this is the least-helpful attitude you can have when trying to get back into shape. Why? For one simple reason: the success of your body-transformation challenge is ultimately determined by one factor – consistency.

Can you eat well and exercise effectively more often than not? If so, you’ll make positive progress. Consistency is king, which is why four sessions is a bit better than three, but why three is much better than two, one or none. So don’t do what I did and use a busy week as an excuse to bench your training; instead use it to prioritise your training knowing that doing so won’t only get you leaner, it will also make your working week far more productive. If you want to read more on this, you can here.

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