6 ways to lose your belly on a budget!

Here’s six tried-and-tested ways to eat well and lose body fat while also saving cash

Raid the freezer
Berries are packed with nutrients but they also cost a packet. If you buy them from the fresh fruit aisle. make your way to the frozen section, however, and you’ll save yourself some cash. In most supermarkets, a 200g punnet of blueberries will cost the same as a 400g bag of the same fruit if you get it in the freezer section.

Bigger is better
A couple of chicken breasts will usually cost about the same as a whole chicken. The breasts are convenient but the whole bird will give you twice as much meat. It’ll also save you time, because it’ll give you four protein portions.

Be selective with veg
We encourage you to eat lots of veg while you’re on the New Body Plan but, sadly, eating well can be expensive so if cash is really tight our advice is to be selective. Some vegetables, such as onions, carrots and cabbage are good value, so load up on them. Again, frozen veg can be cheaper than fresh options, and there’s even science to suggest that it contains more nutrients. Another bonus is that it is less likely to go to waste.

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Buy frozen fish fillets
Unless it is covered in batter or breadcrumbs fish tends to be pricey. So if you’re not already there stocking up on frozen berries and veg, make your way to the frozen food aisle and get yourself a bag of white fish fillets. You’ll get double the quantity for the same price as the fresh stuff.

Cook in batches
There are several reasons to batch cook. It saves time, which is always a plus. It helps you stick to the plan, because you’ve got healthy food to eat and won’t be tempted by a takeaway. And it saves you money, because of the economy of scale.

Visit your local fruit and veg stall
You may not be lucky enough to have a local fruit and veg stall but if you do, go and pay them a visit. They’ll often have things on special offer and even if they don’t, a lot of what they sell will be cheaper than your local supermarket. You can also feel good about helping a small business and smug about reducing your food packaging consumption.

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