New Body Plan Plus is the training routine and nutrition approach that founder Jon Lipsey used to lose 10kg of fat in just eight weeks and go from being overweight to becoming a Men’s Fitness cover model. Since then, thousands of others have used the New Body Plan method to get into the best shape of their lives. Here’s what makes the system unique and how you can build the body you’ve always wanted.

Personalised Plan

Your personalised eight-week training programme is designed to support your number one fitness goal, whether that’s to lose body fat fast or to pack on lean muscle. Workouts are specifically structured to your training history to create the stimulus your body needs to burn fat and build lean muscle. Your training plan also includes customised body-part sessions, enabling you to add size, strength and definition to the muscle groups you most want to improve.

Tailored Nutrition

Your eight-week meal planner is tailored to your main training goal and your daily activity levels to help build the body you want without giving up the foods you love. You’ll get exclusive recipes that are quick and easy to make and also taste great. The meal plans detail exactly what you need to eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner each day to maximise your results, as well as giving you healthy snacks and indulgent treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Power Pack

When you sign up for the Plus Pack you’ll receive a special box in the post containing the essential tools you need during your new body mission, including a Training Diary to help you record your progress and a Success Planner to help you hit any life goal. The branded shaker is perfect for a post-workout re-fuel and has a second compartment for extra supplements. There’s also a gym bag for your training kit and a membership card that gives you access to exclusive discounts and offers.

Start your transformation today!

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