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Our home dumbbell workout plan will transform your body in just 8 weeks!

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Tried-and-tested plan

New Body Plan has helped thousands of people transform the way they look and feel, using a progressive and accessible training plan.


Made for you

New Body Plan is for anyone who wants to make a significant difference to the way they look and feel in a short space of time.


Expert support

When you start one of our plans you get online access to our team of experts who have years of training and nutrition experience.


The New Body Plan Dumbbell programme has been designed to get incredible results from the comfort of your own home. The eight-week plan has four dumbbell workouts each week, which take about 45-60 minutes to complete. Smart and progressive changes to the session structure, exercise selection and other key training variables will keep your workouts fresh and challenging.

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We will explain how to make quick and easy adjustments to your diet to start burning fat and building muscle from week one. We also include a complete guide on how to eat for faster fat loss, as well a seven-day sample meal plan to help you eat for your best-ever body - without having to give up the foods you love or sacrificing taste and flavour.

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What's included

New Body Plan book

NBP Dumbbell plan

Your eight-week training plan has been designed to maximise results in just eight weeks so you can transform the way you look and feel.

NBP nutrition guide

NBP nutrition guide

Our nutrition guide contains everything you need to know about eating for a better body without giving up taste, flavour and the foods you love.

Training Diary

Training Diary - worth £9.99

Your eight-week Training Diary allows you to prepare for each workout, and then track your results and performance, as well as analyse your progress at the end of each block.


Torch-20 - worth £29.99

Take this blend of fat-burning and performance-boosting ingredients, including caffeine, guarana and green tea extract, 20 minutes before training for better and faster results.


T-Drive - worth £29.98

Your ideal daily dose of three essential nutrients, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, to support optimal testosterone levels and function for improved physical performance.

Vitamin d3

Vit-D3 - worth £19.96

Each daily serving contains 2000 international units of vitamin D for better brain health and function, improved mood, stronger bones, and many other benefits.


Online Support

This is one of the things that really sets New Body Plan apart. The moment you start you plan you get unlimited online coaching support from our founders, Jon Lipsey and Joe Warner.

New Body Buddy

New Body Buddy programme

When you start your plan you get access to our refer-a-friend programme, which gives your friend a discount on their plan and you a £20 voucher code for the NBP shop.


Exclusive offers and discounts

As part of our training group you will get access to exclusive offers and discounts on all New Body Plan products that aren’t available to anyone else.


These people turned themselves into New Body Heroes. Now you can too!

*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results, the results can vary for each individual depending on multitude of factors

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"Just stick with it and the results will come"

"I loved the plan from the first session. I loved the way it was structured and by the time I had done the first week I felt like a different person. (…) I feel fitter now than I’ve ever felt and I’ve done it doing something that I’ve loved. "

Darren, New Body Plan customer
Mark photo

"The results far exceeded my expectations"

"I noticed changes around the third or fourth week. (…) after four weeks I really started to notice a change. (…) Now I’m 50, I find that heavy weights can put stress on the joints, so it wasn’t about getting too big – but I’m now able to do ten chin-ups, which I never could before. "

Mark, New Body Plan customer


What is the New Body Plan Dumbbell Pack?

The New Body Plan Dumbbell Pack is your complete body-transformation bundle to help you burn fat, build muscle and transform how good you look and feel in just eight weeks without setting foot in a gym. As soon as you sign up you'll get access to your New Body Plan Dumbbell training programme as well as our New Body Plan nutrition guide. You'll also get sent a bunch of essential training tools in the post, including a New Body Plan Training Diary so you can track and assess your workouts to make faster progress, as well as an eight-week supply of the New Body Plan Transformation Range of three performance-boosting supplements, which have been designed to help you optimise testosterone levels, boost gym performance and enhance and accelerate recovery.

How many workouts are there each week?

There are four sessions each week, and each workout takes between 45 to 60 minutes to complete. The eight-week plan is split into four two-week “blocks”, with regular changes to the programme’s workout structure, exercise selection, sets, reps and other smart adjustments to the key training variables. This approach will keep your workouts fresh and challenging for both your mind and your muscles, and create the exact stimulus your body needs to burn fat and build lean muscle to transform your body as quickly as possible.

What do I eat when doing New Body Plan?

To build a stronger, fitter and leaner body you need a smart and sustainable nutrition plan as much as a challenging and enjoyable training plan. And we’ve made eating for a better body easier than ever thanks to the exclusive and unique approaches and strategies created for New Body Plan. Everything you need to know is fully explained in your nutrition guide download, including the quick, simple and easy tweaks you can make to your daily diet to start burning fat and building muscle right away. There’s also the rules on how to eat for faster fat loss, a complete guide to protein, carbs and fats – and why you need them – as well as a seven-day sample meal plan to help you eat for your best-ever body without having to give up the foods you love, or sacrifice taste and flavour.

What is the New Body Plan Training Diary?

Keeping a training diary is one of the most effective things you can do to ensure you build the body you’ve always wanted. This eight-week diary has been specifically designed to be used alongside your New Body Plan training programme. It allows you to record your progress as well as tracking key performance indicators, helping you to stay motivated and on track for your transformation goals.

What is the Transformation Range of supplements?

The Transformation Range is an eight-week supply of the three key sports nutrition supplements that have been designed to help you build a stronger and leaner body faster. The New Body Pack contains 30 servings of the pre-workout formula Torch-20, and 60 daily servings of both Vit-D3 and performance-boosting T-Drive.

What is Torch-20?

Torch-20 is a perfect pre-workout blend of fat-burning and performance-enhancing ingredients – including caffeine, guarana and green tea extract – for anyone who wants better gym-floor focus and energy, and faster fat loss. Take it 20 minutes before your workout for better gains and faster results. You can read more about the benefits of Torch-20 here.

What is T-Drive?

Optimal testosterone levels are vital for building muscle, burning fat and feeling at your best, and each daily dose of T-Drive’s three essential nutrients, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, supports your natural T levels for increased muscle mass, reduced body fat and improved physical performance. You can read more about the benefits of T-Drive here.

What is Vit-D3?

Vitamin D is one of 24 micronutrients essential for survival, and the benefits of higher levels include better brain function and health, improved mood, stronger bones, and many more besides. Our bodies make it through sun exposure, but many people are deficient because of a lack of strong sunlight for many months of the year. Each daily serving contains 2000 international units of vitamin D. You can read more about the benefits of Vit-D3 here.

Will I get any support when doing my New Body Plan?

Absolutely! Everyone on the New Body Plan team has done the plan already, so we know that undertaking a transformation challenge can feel a little daunting at first. But don’t worry for a second longer because our team of health, fitness and nutrition experts is on hand to help you every step of the way through online support on our website and social media channels. We can also answer any specific questions you have via email. There’s also thousands of people in the #NewBodyPlan club online who have completed their own plan, or are doing it currently, and we all help and encourage each other to give you all the support and advice you need to make the biggest positive changes possible.

How do I receive my New Body Pack?

You'll receive your training plan instantly and the rest of your New Body Pack will be delivered to your door within 48 hours of placing your order if you’re in the UK. If you live outside the UK it will take slightly longer, depending on where you live.

Do I need a gym membership?

You don’t need a gym membership to do this plan. All you need is a set of dumbbells. Of course, if you do have a gym membership you can do it in the gym if you prefer.

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