Book Pack


Transform your body
in just eight weeks!

The New Body Plan book pack is your complete transformation package, including a copy of the bestselling New Body Plan book, a New Body Plan training diary and an eight-week supply of our Transformation Range of supplements. Its everything you need to lose fat fast and build the body you want – for just £49! Here’s what you get:

New Body Plan book
This is the training plan and nutrition system that author Jon Lipsey used to shed 10kg of fat in just eight weeks and land a spot on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine.

Training Diary
Your eight-week Training Diary allows you to prepare for each workout, and then track your results and performance, as well as analyse your progress at the end of each block

Each daily serving contains 2000 international units of vitamin D for better brain health and function, improved mood, stronger bones, and many other benefits.

Take this blend of fat-burning and performance-boosting ingredients, including caffeine, guarana and green tea extract, 20 minutes before training for better and faster results.

Your ideal daily dose of three essential nutrients, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, to support optimal testosterone levels and function for improved physical performance.

New Body Plan box
Your New Body Plan book pack will get delivered straight to your door in this special New Body Plan box. As soon as you receive it you can start building the body you’ve always wanted.