Club New Body Plan: FAQs

Here are all the answers to the most-common questions about Club New Body Plan so you can start building your best-ever body!

What is Club New Body Plan?
Club New Body Plan is our new and exclusive App and online membership service that gives you instant and on-demand access to our latest and best body-transformation tools and features. These include: live and interactive workouts; meal plans, recipes, and calorie and macronutrient tracking; progress charts and data; and unlimited coaching and support, to give you everything you need to build the body you want. And you can get all this – and more – from just £2.25 per week!

How does Club New Body Plan work?
Once you’ve selected the perfect Club membership plan for your goals – and we offer a range of commitment-free options to suit your exact goals – you’ll be invited to download the New Body Plan App. Then simply open the App to gain instant access to all your exclusive Club benefits and transformation tools, including live and on-demand workouts, fat-loss meal plans, online coaching and more. You can find out more about all these exclusive Club features below. You can also access all of these benefits via our online desktop portal, so all of your innovative and interactive New Body Plan transformation tools that will help you build a better body are only ever a tap or click away!

Why should I join Club New Body Plan?
Joining the Club is your fastest and most convenient way of building the leaner, stronger and fitter body you’ve always wanted. Once you become a member, you can use our App or desktop portal to access all your exclusive training tools that will make burning fat and building muscle easier than you ever imagined. You’ll also get unlimited coaching support, access to podcasts, videos and other bonus content, invites to attend live and special online events, plus get exclusive member-only perks, offers and discounts.

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Will Club New Body Plan work for me?
Yes! Club New Body Plan has been specifically created to help anyone who wants to build a better and healthier body in the easiest and most effective way. Accessing your membership services and features through the App or our online portal means you always have the tools you need to burn fat, build muscle and to look and feel better than ever, right at your fingertips. And the innovative and interactive features and support we offer means it’s never been easier to gain and maintain motivation, accelerate progress and build confidence so you get the results you want with a minimum amount of time, fuss and effort!

What are the Club New Body Plan membership options?
There are three tiers of Club membership – Basic, Complete and Premium. We’ll explain exactly what you do and don’t get in each package shortly, but here’s what you’ll get in whichever membership tier you decide is right for you.

Weekly home workouts!
Every level of Club membership includes three interactive home bodyweight workouts each week, as well as three new weekly dumbbell workouts, giving you complete freedom to train when you want, where you want and using the equipment you want. Each workout has video demonstrations of every single exercise so you can perform every rep with perfection for faster results, and you can log every set as you complete it, which will help you build and maintain incredible workout focus and motivation.

Live and on-demand workouts!

But what really sets Club New Body Plan apart – and one of our most influential transformation tools to help you achieve your better-body goals – is that every member gains exclusive access to our live and on-demand video workouts. So while you can train by yourself at your own convenience, you also have the option to join our live workout session and train with one of the New Body Plan expert coaches, or take part in a catch-up session on your own time for some added motivation to give the workout everything you’ve got! All the live and on-demand video workouts can be viewed through the App, a tablet or computer, or even your TV, which means home workouts have never been so much fun, or so effective!

Special sessions and plans!
All members also gain exclusive access to special and one-off training sessions, and receive discount codes and special offers on all new home- and gym-based workout programmes before they launch.

What else do all Club New Body Plan members get?
One of the most beneficial transformation tools we offer to all members is our comprehensive Nutrition Tracker, which allows you to log the foods you eat each day to give you an instant and accurate count of the calories you’ve eaten that day, and your macronutrient breakdown, which shows how many grams of protein, fat and carbohydrates you’ve consumed and whether or not you’ve hit your daily targets.

Consuming fewer calories than you burn is a key component of losing body fat fast, while eating enough protein is essential to grow lean muscle mass. Our Nutrition Tracker tool gives you the power – at your fingertips – to know exactly what you’re eating and how it’s helping you take a big step, every day, towards realising your better-body ambition.

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Do Club New Body Plan members get access to meal plans and recipes?
Complete and comprehensive meal plans to help you burn fat and build muscle are included – including vegetarian meal plans – if you sign up to become a Complete or Premium Club New Body Plan member. If you decide to take the Basic membership you won’t have access to meal plans but still have the Nutrition Tracker, and will receive regular discount codes, special offers and early access on all standalone fat-burning and muscle-building meal plans we launch.

What are the other key transformation tools available to all Club members?
Every Club member gets dedicated and unlimited online coaching support from the New Body Plan team of experts. So whenever you have a question about anything – be it about training, nutrition or how to live a healthy and happier life – all you need to do is let us know! The easiest way to do so is through the in-app Chat feature: ask us your question and we’ll get right back to you with our in-depth expert answers and feedback.

Another key feature is our Progress Tracking tool, because monitoring your progress is one of the most important factors in achieving your goals, and we’ve created the complete system to make tracking your progress easier than ever. You can upload selfies and photos of your ever-changing body for a visual track record of your progress, and even share them with your coach for praise and feedback. You can also update your measurements at key body part sites – to make sure you’re getting bigger when you want (arms, chest, shoulders), while shrinking in size where it matters (belly).

Being in charge of your weekly photos and measurements gives you real-time access to charts and graphs that plot your progress towards the body you want in exact and precise detail, providing you with a constant source of motivation and confidence, and it gives your coach the detailed data they need to know you’re on the right track. You can also integrate other health and fitness apps, such as FitBit and iHealth, for even more daily data, including step count and resting heart rate.

Tell me more about the three membership tiers, starting with the Complete package.
The Club New Body Plan Complete package is our most popular membership – and with good reason! If you join the Club in this membership tier you will start losing weight and feeling fantastic thanks to instant access to interactive, live and on-demand bodyweight and dumbbell home workouts, fat-loss and muscle-building meal plans, bonus recipes, calorie and macronutrient tracking, weekly progress reports, and unlimited online support from the New Body Plan experts!

Best of all you can get all this – and more – for just £9.95 a month, a 67% discount on the normal monthly price of £30! There’s no up-front free and you can cancel at any time (although once that belly fat starts to melt away and you’re feeling fantastic there’s no way you’re going to want to stop!).

Sounds good. So what do I get as a Premium member?
Our Premium body-transformation tier is a little bit special to help you fast-track your better-body results. How? It includes regular one-to-one consultations with one of the New Body Plan expert trainers to give you the personal advice, feedback and encouragement to take your training – and therefore your results – to the next level! You’ll also gain access to all Club benefits and perks, including interactive, live and on-demand workouts, meal plans and calorie and macro tracking – all for just £95 per month!

Ok, and what about the Basic member package?
As a Basic member you’ll gain have access to our live and on-demand bodyweight and dumbbell home workouts, calorie and macronutrient tracking, weekly progress reports, unlimited help and support, but you won’t have access to our range of fat-burning or muscle-building meal plans. So if you’re already on top of how to eat for your best-ever body and don’t need our expert nutritional knowledge then this could be the option for you – and it’s just £8.95 per month.

I’m in! Just one last thing: what’s My PT Hub?
It’s our tech partner which has helped us create and build Club New Body Plan. So while they’ve provided some elements of technical expertise, all the workout sessions and plans, meal plans, recipes and all other health, fitness and training content, advice and support is provided by the New Body Plan expert team.

We’ve made it our mission to provide all Club members with everything they need, however they need it and whenever they need it, to get the results they want! Why? Because we take the success of our members personally and so will do whatever it takes to give every member the services, support and constant encouragement they need to turn their better-body dream into reality.

Click here to watch the Club New Body Plan trailer video and compare membership tiers to find the perfect plan for you!

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