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FitList: Ready to build your summer body?

If like me you live in the UK you’ll be more than happy that the sun has finally made an appearance after one of the coldest and wettest Mays on record. After a miserable start to the year – in so many more ways than we could’ve ever imagined – summer is here and the future is beginning to look a little brighter.

That’s why I wanted to drop you a quick message to let you know about some of the new articles on the website we’ve written to help you get into the shape of your life – so you can relax this summer looking and feeling better than ever.

Here’s my pick of the new posts that will have the most immediate impact on your waistline, and if you want to find our more about our brand new workout programme – Six-Week Summer Body – and the free one-to-one consultation with me you’ll get if you sign up to the plan, make sure you scroll down to the bottom!

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Train for your body type to get results fast!

Want to build a leaner, stronger and more athletic body? Of course you do – it’s why you’re reading this. And one of the quickest ways of making progress is to train to your genetic strengths (while minimising any weaknesses) so that you can burn fat and build muscle fast and effectively.

Unlock your genetic potential
As a man you’ll fit into one of three main body-type groups, so the next time you get out of the shower stand tall in front of the bathroom mirror and take a good look at your reflection to see which of the following body types most closely matches yours. Why is knowing your natural body shape so important? Because once you’re armed with that crucial information you can confidently choose the perfect exercise and eating plan to complement your genetic strengths so you don’t have to waste a single second more before building the body you want!

Ectomorph: You’re tall and slim, have long limbs, and have trouble adding muscle. Think Peter Crouch.
Help – I’m an ectomorph!

Endomorph: You’re shorter and squatter with big bones, and easily add and store body fat. Think Wayne Rooney.
Help – I’m an endomorph!

Mesomorph: You’re athletic, and were naturally lean and muscular, but find you now gain body fat much more easily as you get older. Think Cristiano Ronaldo.
Help – I’m a mesomorph!

Avoid the 6 fat-loss mistakes (almost) everyone makes!

High intensity training fat loss workout
When you want to lose weight quickly and easily you need to avoid making these common mistakes that will prevent you from looking and feeling at your best. So if you’ve ever made one of more of the following rookie errors, don’t worry – just put into practice our tried-and-tested tips and watch the weight fall off!

• Mistake 1: You Focus on Cardio, not Weights
• Mistake 2: You Focus on Carbs, not Calories
• Mistake 3: You Focus on Perfection, not Progress

Here’s the three other big mistakes most people make, as well as all the advice you need to get it right to start torching body fat fast!
Tell me what to do!

Try my delicious muscle-building burger!

lean turkey burger fries food
The sun is shining, which can mean only one thing: it’s time for all us men of a certain age to fire up the barbecue and do what we do best – grill meat over an open flame.

But back-garden BBQs don’t have to involve greasy and fatty burgers that won’t do your waistline any favours. Instead try this brand new recipe from our no-fuss and full-flavour fat-loss meal plan: Cajun turkey burgers with home-made slaw!

These burgers are bursting with flavour so even the kids will love them, and because they’re made with super-lean meat packed with protein, they’ll help you take another delicious step towards to stronger and leaner body you want!
Give me the recipe!

Six-Week Summer Body: Free Consultation!

Earlier this week we launched Six-Week Summer Body, our latest fat-loss exercise and eating plan designed with one lazer-focused goal in mind: to help you lose belly, chest and lower back fat, while adding lean muscle mass across your torso, so you can spend this summer in the shape of your life.

The new programme is available through the New Body Plan app, which means you’ll also gain full and exclusive access to meal plans, healthy eating recipes, calorie and macronutrient calculators, weekly weight and photo tracking tech, as well as many more “transformation tools” so you can get the maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

What’s more, and for the first-ever time, myself and my New Body Plan co-creator Jon Lipsey, will be offering free one-to-one consultations with everyone who signs up to do their own Six-Week Summer Body Plan. This will allow us to discover then directly address any specific challenges you’re facing so we can offer you our expert insight and advice to ensure you get the better-body results you want.

The free one-to-one consultation is perfect for anyone who:
• has tried and failed to lose weight in the past
• has struggled to stick to a workout plan
• needs personalised advice to see results quickly

If that sounds up your street then Joe and I are here and on-hand to give you the personalised tips and advice you need to finally start building the stronger, leaner and more athletic body you’ve always wanted!
Secure your free Summer Body consultation!

Get in touch!

I love hearing how you’re getting on with your own fitness journey, so don’t be a stranger! You can reach me at, and that’s also the best email address to fire me any training or nutrition questions you might have about the smart ways to get back into shape. Jon and I are always here to help – all you have to do is ask!

Yours in fitness,
Joe Warner,

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