Get the New Body Plan app and have a PT in your pocket!

Get the FREE New Body Plan App today and have a full-time PT in your pocket!

We’ve some exciting news for you – the New Body Plan app is out now – and best of all it’s FREE!

Ever since the release of the original and best-selling New Body Plan book – which details how Jon Lipsey lost 10kg in just eight weeks and landed on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine – we’ve wanted to launch a New Body Plan app. Why? For the very simple reason to give you more of the indispensable tools you need to blast away fat for good to build a leaner, stronger and fitter body.

Get the New Body Plan app!

A PT in your pocket!
By downloading the new app you’ll essentially have a full-time personal trainer in your pocket, providing all the training, nutrition and healthy living tips, insight and advice you need to look, feel and perform better than ever. Here’s what you’ll find inside the new – and free – New Body Plan app.

Exclusive form guide videos for New Body Plan exercises – and more besides!
Tried-and-tested training insights from the New Body Plan transformation team!
Bonus nutrition and healthy eating advice, including fat-loss meal plans and recipes!
Expert advice on boosting energy levels, improving sleep, feeling happier and more!
Special discounts in our shop to make building your best-ever body even cheaper!

The app is presently only available on Apple devices, but we’re looking into launching on Android. If you’re a non-Apple user and want the latest and best training, nutrition and healthy-living advice don’t forget you can find hundreds of free articles on our website.

Get the New Body Plan app!

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