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Are you ready to take back control of your health and fitness?

How many times have you told yourself that you’ll get back into shape “one day”? Talk is all well and good, but only action will help you realise your better-body goal. So, if you’re ready to finally take back control of your health and fitness, I’m here to help you every step of the way.

I was speaking to a friend last night who told me he’s gained more than 2 stone since March. He’s far from alone in gaining so much “lockdown lard”, but unlike most people he’s decided enough is enough. He’s sworn to shift his “2020 tummy” as fast as he can.

I gave him a few pointers to help him on his way. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that no matter how much motivation he has right now, without the oversight and support of a coach or trainer he was likely to fall at the first hurdle.

After all, how many times have you tried to lose weight, only to never quite make the changes you wanted? Without the accountability of someone experienced keeping a very close eye on your efforts it’s so easy to stumble blindly in the wrong direction until you throw in the towel, disappointed and dejected.

Not this time
That’s where I can help you finally build the body you want and start living the fitter, healthier and happier life you want. I know how quickly you can make huge changes to how you look and feel – once you commit to a proper plan of action.

Don’t forget, I witnessed first-hand New Body Plan creator Jon Lipsey drop 10kg of body fat in just eight weeks. So I know that the right person with the right attitude, following the right plan and with the right support can make changes to their physique so dramatic that friends and family have to do a double-take!

Under my wing
If you work with me as your online coach I promise you’ll get my complete and undivided attention so I can deliver the better-body result you want. But you must promise me something in return: I want 100% from you – every single workout. That’s a deal-breaker, it’s non-negotiable, so time-wasters need not apply.

I’m only prepared to work with you if you going to give me everything you’ve got, from our very first consultation to the very last workout. That’s the only way we’ll achieve that truly awe-inspiring transformation that you want.

So, if you want nothing more than to build a leaner, stronger and fitter body, to look and feel like a brand new man, I challenge you to put your money where you mouth is so we can work together to make your dream a reality. I promise that if you do, it’s going to change your life.

I hope to hear from you – and soon. Because if you need to think about, it’s not for you.

Be my PT!

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