Keep a journal to beat stress and achieve all your life goals

Keeping a journal can do the world of good to how you look, feel and perform

It’s probably been a while since you kept a journal or daily diary. It may have been a project set by your school or your parents over a school holiday (to keep you out of trouble!), or simply something you did for a while to record both the minor and major moments of your life.

Keeping a journal helps you to plan your day, note feelings, motivations, hopes and goals, and allows you to take a step back each day to appreciate the good things in your life. Journaling can also help you identify – and then overcome – any issues that are preventing you from being as happy as you want.

Journaling gives you complete control of your life, and empowers you to start making those small and sustainable habit changes that will allow you to realise all your hopes and ambitions and live the full, exciting and successful life you deserve. And we know it works: we’ve done it ourselves, and many high achievers in every arena from business to sport swear by it!

Brain training
Journaling has a similar effect on your brain as exercising does on your body. Exercise makes your body fitter, stronger and leaner to enable you to move through life more easily, and journaling makes your brain better equipped to deal with the stresses and pressures life throws at you. And while your brain is an organ, it works like a muscle, so the more you do something the better you do it.

But keeping a journal, just like exercise, can be tricky at first. Opening a blank notebook, like entering a gym for the first time, can feel daunting and overwhelming. The good news is that in both scenarios the first time is always the hardest and you’ll soon find it becomes much easier as you gain confidence and start to enjoy the experience.

So, just think of journaling like “training for your brain” to make your mind happier like exercise makes your body healthier. Yes, it takes practice but it quickly pays big rewards!

6 reasons you should start your journal!
Journaling helps you take control of your life and become more positive, motivated and organised. There are many studies proving the life-changing benefits of journaling, and here are the top reasons you should start!

1 Journaling helps with the practice of mindfulness, calming your mind to allow you to focus on the present moment and reduce feelings of anxiety and stress and increase motivation and focus.

2 Being better connected to the present moment empowers you to identify, focus on and prioritise your goals, while managing negative emotions or feelings.

3 Becoming more self-aware and emotionally resilient allows you to quickly identify and deal with habits or factors stopping you from being happier.

4 The simple act of maintaining a daily journal increases self-discipline, which has crossover benefits in other areas of your life, such as work, eating and exercise.

5 It helps you think and communicate more clearly through a better understanding of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

6 Writing something down – whether it’s a thought or feeling, a to-do list, or the title of a book you’ve been recommended – is a powerful and permanent thing. Committing thoughts, reminders or ideas to paper prevents your brain from being overwhelmed by information so you can focus on important things.

What happens if I miss a day?
When life gets in the way it can be hard to make time, but busy periods are exactly when you need your journal to keep you on top of things! Have a plan B during hectic periods so you can keep your journal going. But if you do miss a day or two, don’t worry! Just start again as soon as possible. It’s like falling off your bike as a kid: the sooner you get back on the better, and the less likely you are to fall off again!

Takeaway Tip
Journaling is a proven tool that will help improve your mood, motivation and mental well-being, increase your commitment to your goal, reduce your stress levels and enhance your quality of sleep, and much more besides! That’s why we’re convinced it’s so worthwhile finding the time each day to do it. Here’s three tips to help your commit to your journal, starting today.

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