Two guys walk into a gym… which one is most like you?

Picture the scene. Two guys walk into a gym. Don’t worry, this isn’t a joke.

One of the guys – we’ll call him George – is following a plan and he’s carrying a training diary with him. The other – we’ll call him Colin – isn’t following a plan so, as he walks in, he’s trying to remember what he did last time.

George takes his phone out of his pocket so he can select his workout playlist and turn it onto airplane mode so nothing will distract him from the session. Colin takes out his phone to have one last check of his emails before the session starts. Only, he wishes he hadn’t because the latest message is an update on a project he has just pitched for. ‘We were really impressed… blah blah blah… but we’ve decided… blah blah blah… that we don’t have the budget… blah blah blah… and we’re not going to be able to go ahead.’

George walks over to a bench to start his first exercise. Colin’s still thinking about that email.

When the final couple of reps of the first move get tough, George digs in, knowing exactly what he wants to achieve and almost perversely enjoying the effort that he’s putting in. Colin decides on the fly that he only wanted to do eight reps anyway in that set rather than ten.

During his rest periods, George fills in his training diary, does some mobilisation work and gets ready for the next exercise, making sure he sticks to the rest periods outlined in his plan. Colin composes and deletes a few angry email responses.

After 40 minutes George has completed six exercises and 20 sets in total. Colin has done four exercises and 14 sets.

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At the end of the session, George makes his way over to the area of the gym he’ll use to complete his ‘fat loss finisher’. He knows that this is going to be a tough few minutes but he also knows that this is where the real fat loss magic happens. This is where he can make a real difference to his overall outcome. Colin knows he should do a finisher but his motivation is shot.

He’s had a decent session, he tells himself. He’ll do a finisher next time when he’s feeling more up for it.

George leaves the gym on a high. He lifted more weight than this time last week, he did his fat loss finisher faster than last week and the post-workout endorphins are coursing through his body. Colin slopes off back to the office.

Motivated by another great session, George grabs a protein packed salad for lunch. Colin grabs some crisps and a sandwich. And a bar of chocolate.

One of these men is making great progress. Which of them would you rather be?

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