3 calorie-saving booze swaps

Got a social event where the drinks will flow? Use these smart booze swaps to keep that beer belly at bay

Too much alcohol too often is one of the worst things you can do when wanting to get lean. Not only is booze high in calories and low in nutrients, it also tempts you to make less healthy food choices – post-pub kebab, anyone? – and how likely are you to make that gym session with a horrendous hangover? So if you’ve got a big night out planned, don’t worry: stick to these situational swaps to keep the calorie count under control.

The ice breaker
Avoid Pint of lager: 215 cals
Drink Glass of red wine: 126 cals
Why? You save almost 100 cals per drink and the hops in lager can increase levels of estrogen, the primary female sex hormone. Too many pints too often? Say hello to man boobs.

The happy hour cocktail
Avoid Mojito: 242 cals
Bloody Mary: 125 cals
Why? The tomato juice contains a decent dose of vitamin C and lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that may reduce the risk of some cancers. You also halve the number of calories compared to a sugar-laced mojito.

The last order
Avoid Whiskey and cola: 112 cals
Drink Vodka, lime and soda: 54 cals
Why? Dark spirits contain more hangover-causing toxins than clear spirits, and ditching the cola for soda water halves the calories per drink. Adding a wedge of lime also helps reduce your body’s response to the calories in the vodka.

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