Eight-week dumbbell plan and supplement bundle

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The complete dumbbell transformation package, described by Men’s Fitness magazine as “the most effective fat loss plan we’ve ever seen”.

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New Body Plan Dumbbell is your complete home workout transformation package, delivered straight to your door! It’s the training system that Men’s Fitness magazine described as “the most effective fat loss plan we’ve ever seen” and it has helped thousands of people to transform the way they look and feel in just eight weeks. Here’s what’s included in your incredible nine-in-one transformation pack:

  • Your New Body Plan Dumbbell training programme
  • Your New Body Plan Complete Guide To Nutrition
  • Exclusive New Body Plan training diary worth £9.99
  • New Body Plan Torch-20 supplement worth £29.99
  • New Body Plan T-Drive supplement worth £29.98
  • New Body Plan Vit-D3 supplement worth £9.96
  • Unlimited online personal coaching support
  • Membership of the New Body Buddy scheme
  • Exclusive discounts on all NBP products

New Body Plan Dumbbell training plan
New Body Plan Dumbbell is your eight-week exercise guide to stripping away body fat fast while also adding lean muscle mass to completely transform your physique and build your best ever body! As soon as you sign up we’ll send you a download of the plan, which has been designed to get incredible results from the comfort of your own home. The plan has four dumbbell workouts each week, which take about 45-60 minutes to complete. Smart and progressive changes to the session structure, exercise selection and other key training variables will keep your workouts fresh and challenging.

New Body Plan Complete Guide to Nutrition
This bonus download contains everything you need to know about eating for a better body without giving up taste, flavour and the foods you love. It also includes a sample seven-day meal plan.

Exclusive New Body Plan training diary worth £9.99
Keeping a training diary is one of the most effective things you can do to ensure you build the body you’ve always wanted. This eight-week diary has been specifically designed to be used alongside any of the New Body Plan training programmes. It allows you to record your progress as well as tracking key performance indicators, helping you to stay motivated and on track for your transformation goals.

New Body Plan Torch-20 worth £29.99
Torch-20 is a perfect pre-workout blend of fat-burning and performance-enhancing ingredients – including caffeine, guarana and green tea extract – for anyone who wants better gym-floor focus and energy, and faster fat loss. Take it 20 minutes before your workout for better gains and faster results. Your New Body Pack contains a two-month supply and you can read more about the benefits of Torch-20 here.

New Body Plan T-Drive worth £29.98
Optimal testosterone levels are vital for building muscle, burning fat and feeling at your best, and each daily dose of T-Drive’s three essential nutrients, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, supports your natural T levels for increased muscle mass, reduced body fat and improved physical performance. Your New Body Pack contains a two-month supply and you can read more about the benefits of T-Drive here.

New Body Plan Vit-D3 worth £19.96
Vitamin D is one of 24 micronutrients essential for survival, and the benefits of higher levels include better brain function and health, improved mood, stronger bones, and many more besides. Our bodies make it through sun exposure, but many people are deficient because of a lack of strong sunlight for many months of the year. Each daily serving contains 2000 international units of vitamin D. Your New Body Pack contains a two-month supply and you can read more about the benefits of Vit-D3 here.

Personal coaching support
This is one of the things that makes New Body Plan different. When you sign up for your plan you’ll get unlimited online support from our founders Jon Lipsey and Joe Warner. They’ll give you personalised advice to help you get the most out of your plan and help you get the results you deserve.

Refer-a-friend rewards
Here at New Body Plan we think people should be rewarded for taking charge of their health and fitness. That’s why we’ve introduced the New Body Buddy scheme, which allows you to invite a friend to join your transformation journey. When you sign up for one of our packs you’ll get a discount code that you can share with a friend that entitles them to a discount on the pack price. Even better, you’ll get sent a voucher code that gives you £20 to spend in the New Body Plan shop with no minimum purchase.

Exclusive discounts and offers
When you sign up for your plan you’ll join a special group who have access to an exclusive set of offers and discounts on all New Body Plan products.

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