New Body Plan Maintain Programme


Aimed at New Body Plan graduates who want the quickest and easiest way of maintaining their new physique – or people who want a steady rate of fat loss progressions – this new plan, which contains three workouts per week, will ensure you stay lean and strong.

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This programme has been designed specifically for people who have either graduated from the original New Body Plan programme and want to maintain their new leaner and stronger physique or those who are new to the New Body Plan system and want a steady rate of fat loss. Here’s what’s included:

  • Your eight-week training plan
  • New Body Plan Complete Guide to Nutrition
  • Unlimited online coaching support
  • Exclusive discounts and offers

Your eight-week training plan
Design specifically to build on the strength and fitness you developed during your eight-week New Body Plan programme, this eight-week plan contains the training stimulus you need to stay lean and strong. The added benefit of this plan is that you only need to do three sessions a week. We’ve structured the sessions so that they will provide a fresh challenge while also saving you time.

New Body Plan Complete Guide to Nutrition
This bonus download contains everything you need to know about eating for a better body without giving up taste, flavour and the foods you love. It also includes a sample seven-day meal plan.

Online coaching support
This is one of the things that makes New Body Plan different. When you sign up for your plan you’ll get unlimited online support from our founders Jon Lipsey and Joe Warner. They’ll give you personalised advice to help you get the most out of your plan and help you get the results you deserve.

Exclusive discounts and offers
When you sign up for your plan you’ll join a special group who have access to an exclusive set of offers and discounts on all New Body Plan products.

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