New Body Plan 8-week gym plan

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The complete transformation programme, described by Men’s Fitness magazine as “the most effective fat loss plan we’ve ever seen”.

“This plan is life-changing!” Kevin, 45, England
“The results far exceeded my expectations” Mark, 50, Australia
“I lost 8% body fat and I feel fantastic” Darren, 35, England

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The New Body Plan Programme is your complete transformation plan! It’s the training regime that Men’s Fitness magazine described as “the most effective fat loss plan we’ve ever seen” and it has helped thousands of people to transform the way they look and feel in just eight weeks. Here’s what’s included in your incredible nine-in-one transformation pack:

  • Your New Body Plan training programme
  • Your New Body Plan training theory guide
  • Unlimited online coaching support
  • Exclusive discounts on all NBP products

New Body Plan training plan
New Body Plan is your eight-week exercise and eating guide to stripping away body fat fast while also adding lean muscle mass to completely transform your physique and build your best ever body! As soon as you sign up we’ll send you a download of the plan. Inside the programme you’ll discover the tried-and-testing training programme and eating plan that helped New Body Plan co-founder Jon Lipsey lose 10kg of fat in just eight weeks, as well as expert tips, advice and insight on how to make every workout more effective. There’s also a full guide on how to eat for a bigger, stronger and leaner body with ease, and without giving up your favourite foods. New Body Plan is the only guide you’ll ever need to building the body you’ve always wanted!

New Body Plan training theory guide
This bonus download gives you expert advice on how to manipulate key training variables to maximise your progress, as well as advice on selecting the right weight and a thorough overview of how muscles grow.

Online coaching support
This is one of the things that makes New Body Plan different. When you sign up for your New Body Plan programme you’ll get unlimited online support from our founders Jon Lipsey and Joe Warner. They’ll give you personalised advice to help you get the most out of your plan and help you get the results you deserve.

Exclusive discounts and offers
When you sign up for your New Body Pack you’ll join a special group who have access to an exclusive set of offers and discounts on all New Body Plan products.

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