New Body Plan 8-week goal-setting journal

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Take control of your life, become more productive and achieve your goals faster with this exclusive New Body Plan journal.

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Our Success Planner journal has been designed to help you hit any life goal, whether that’s building a new body, becoming more productive so you have more free time or just staying stress-free when life gets busy. Numerous studies have shown that keeping a journal can have a positive impact on your happiness and mental health. This eight-week diary has been created so it only takes a few minutes a day to fill in while helping you to identify and work towards your goals.

How does the success planner work?
The Success Planner is your step-by-step guide to setting and hitting any life goal. You could use it to help you smash your New Body Plan targets or you could use it to help you achieve something at work or in your personal life.

Does it take long to complete? 
Just a couple of minutes a day. But the good news is that setting and working towards goals will make you more productive, so when you invest a couple of minutes a day completing your planner, you’ll get back so much more.

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