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The charts that prove consistency is all takes to build the body want!

Achieving the leaner, stronger and fitter body you want is closer than you think – all you need to do is start being consistent to strip away body fat, says New Body Plan creator Jon Lipsey

I want to talk about the ‘C’ word and why it holds the key to your progress.

No, not that ‘C’ word. Another one: consistency.

Consistency isn’t very sensational, is it? It’s not very sexy. You won’t see it mentioned on the cover of a fitness magazine. But you know what? It works. And it works better than almost anything else.

Don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at progress data from two guys who have been following my plans.

This first chart shows that my guy has lost 10kg in just six weeks. And do you know what crazy routine I had him on? Four 60 minute workouts a week and eating 2,000 calories a day. So, not crazy in the slightest. In fact, it’s perfectly sensible and sustainable. And in just six weeks of doing the basics well he has lost the equivalent of ten one-kilo bags of sugar in body fat – a truly incredible achievement.

Top of the charts

The second chart above proves that consistency is key even when you don’t have a huge amount of body fat to lose – and is still the best approach if you want to get rid of stubborn body fat you’ve never managed to shift before.

You can see from this chart that my man, simply by doing the basics right on a consistent basis, has managed to drop more than 6kg in a little more than seven weeks.

Consistency is king
These two guys aren’t doing anything extraordinary. They’re just following my training and nutrition recommendations, which have been deliberately designed to make sticking to them as easy as possible.

They’re training. They’re eating well. They’re being consistent.

Of course, I understand that you exist in the real world. A world of distractions and temptations. But that’s what I’m here for. Because if you start one of my plans and you’re struggling with anything, all you need to do is let me know and I’ll make a simple suggestion that will help you overcome your specific hurdle.

Remember, the route to results is probably more accessible than you think, but only if you remember the ‘C’ word.

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