Torch fat in 15 minutes – without leaving home!

Burn off your belly – in the comfort of your own home – with New Body Plan editorial director Joe Warner’s 15-minute, six-move bodyweight workout!

I’ve had a lot of emails recently asking whether there are any New Body Plans that don’t require a gym membership – and the good news is that we do!

There’s an eight-week Dumbbell training plan, and an eight-week no-kit Bodyweight programme for those of you who want to have the freedom to be able to work out anywhere, anytime, without the need for equipment. And now we’ve just launched two new fun, fast and effective home workout plans: the 28-Day Bodyweight Blast and the 28-Day Dumbbell Blast!

Both of these brand new home workout packs come with your 28-day fat-burning training plan, an interactive training diary for faster results, two performance-boosting supplements, our Complete Guide to Nutrition to eat for a better body, our Success Journal to achieve any personal or professional goal, our 50 Best Abs Moves book, and unlimited online support! And you can save 50% with the code BLAST28.

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Stay at home hero!
The main reason for today’s post, however, isn’t to talk about our gym-free plans but to tell you about a quick fat-burning bodyweight circuit I’ve put together that you can do in the comfort of your own home!

So, if you can’t get to the gym you can rely on this six-move circuit to get your heart rate up, a good sweat on, and those feel-good endorphins flowing to keep moving you ever closer to being the proud owner of a lean, strong and healthy body!

None of the exercises require any kit, but if you do have a set of dumbbells to hand feel free to use them for the first two exercises to increase the work load on your heart, lungs and muscles to ramp up the fat-burning and muscle-building effects!

How to do it
Do the following six exercises in order, sticking to the reps and rest periods details. After all the reps of the sixth and final move, rest for the allotted time, then repeat the circuit from the beginning. Do six circuits in total.

1 Squat
Reps: 10 Rest 10sec
Stand tall with your chest up, abs engaged and arms straight by your sides (you can hold a dumbbell in each hand, if you have a pair and want to make the move more challenging!).
Bend your knees to squat down as low as you can, either keeping your arms by your sides or raising them up to shoulder height.

Push through your heels to straighten your legs and return to the start position.
Complete 10 reps, rest for 10 seconds, then go into move 2.

2 Lunge
Reps: 10 (each leg) Rest 10sec
Stand tall with your chest up and your abs engaged (as with the last move you can hold a dumbbell in each hand if you want to make the move harder).
Take a big step forwards with one foot, then lunge down until both knees are bent at right angles.
Push off your front foot to return to the start and repeat, leading with your other leg.
Continue, alternating your leading leg, until you have done 10 reps with each leg.
Rest 10 seconds then go into move 3.

3 Squat Jump
Reps: 20 Rest 10sec
Stand tall with your chest up, abs engaged and arms straight by your sides.
Bend your knees to squat down and swing your arms backwards.

Push through your heels to straighten your legs and jump powerfully off the floor.

Land on both feet and go straight into the next rep.
Complete 20 reps, rest for 10 seconds, then go into move 4.

4 Press-up
Reps: 6-12 Rest 10sec
Get on all fours with your legs and arms straight, your hands under your shoulders and your body in a straight line from head to heels.

Raise your hips and brace your core to keep your entire body stable.
Bend your elbows to lower your chest towards the floor, but don’t let them flare out to the sides – they should stay tight to your sides.
Go as low as you can, then press back up to straighten your arms and return to the start position.
Do 6-12 reps (or more if you can!), rest 10 seconds, then go into move 5.

5 Plank Jack
Reps: 20 Rest 10sec
Get into position, supporting yourself on your forearms with your elbows underneath your shoulders.
Engage your abs, then raise your hips so that your body forms a straight line from head to heels.
Imagine you’re trying to draw your bellybutton in towards your spine to fire up all the muscles of your core, then hold this position.
Without letting your hips sag, jump both feet out to the sides so your toes tap the floor, then jump your feet back in. Keep repeating this movement.

Keep your head and neck relaxed and keep your breathing controlled – don’t hold your breath.
Do 20 reps, rest 10 seconds, then go into move 6.

6 Mountain Climber
Reps: 30 Rest 60sec
Get in the press-up position with your arms and legs straight and your wrists directly under your shoulders.
 Without letting your hips sag, draw your left knee up towards your left elbow.
Straighten your left leg, then repeat, bringing your right knee towards your right elbow, then back out again. That’s one rep.
Keep your abs engaged throughout and keep the reps fast but controlled.
Do 30 reps, rest for 60 seconds, then go back to move 1 and repeat the circuit, for a total of six rounds!

Leaner, stronger, fitter!
Don’t forget that as well as the New Body Plan At-Home workouts there’s also a whole suite of gym-based programmes too – including our Tailored training and eating plans that are created just for you based on your goals, training experience and a host of other factors!

So, if you’re ready to take back control of your heath and fitness so you can look, feel and perform better than ever, New Body Plan is all you need to achieve the better-body results you’ve always wanted.

And we’re so confident that our plans will work for you it’s why we offer a money-back guarantee! You can find out what you get in our most popular transformation pack, as well as all the answers to the most frequently-asked questions, here.

If you have any questions about the different New Body Plan training programmes and which one is best for you, or have any general exercise or eating questions, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram. I get back to every question, so don’t be a stranger!

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