Train with me and burn fat faster!

Hi, Joe here. I’m starting a new 28-day bodyweight workout plan on Monday. So, my question for you is this: are you ready to join my “Get Lean” team?

So, after Jon Lipsey yesterday threw down the gauntlet and challenged me to a 28-Day Bodyweight Blast-off – and then asked you to choose a side to join to start shifting body fat fast – today I’ve seized the initiative and temporarily locked him out of the New Body Plan network to ask you one very simple question: are you with me?

Join Team Joe and save 50%! 😄

Better together
On Monday, I will be starting the 28-Day Bodyweight Blast workout plan – and I want you to join me. Why? Because since lockdown I’ve really missed the camaraderie of the gym and the massive motivation boost that comes from training, playing sport and simply socialising with like-minded people. And I bet you have too.

Sure, it’s possible to exercise alone, but why should we have to when it’s more fun – and more beneficial – to train together? If you join my team we’ll be more accountable to show up and do that crucial first workout on Monday – I won’t want to let you down, and vice versa – then be more motivated to smash every single subsequent session so we can torch calories and get back into shape. And I’ll be posting extra tips ahead of each workout so you can get the fat-loss results you want even faster.

Blast off fat
The 28-Day Bodyweight Blast been specifically designed for people who want to start working out so they can lose weight and feel great, or for those wanting to kick-start their fat-loss efforts after some time on the sidelines. (If you’ve already done the plan, or have a good level of fitness and training experience, you’re ready to join #TeamJon.)

Join Team Jon 😩

My promise to you
Here’s why I am so excited about starting the programme on Monday:
• It’s a quick and effective four-week fat-loss plan
• We’ll do just three 20-minute workouts a week
• We don’t need any kit, just a little bit of space
• There’s 50% off: losing fat has never been this cheap or easy!

Join Team Joe and save 50%! 💪

And here’s what you get by joining my team:
• Your 28-Day Bodyweight Blast training plan
• A supply of T-Drive and Vit-D3 supplements
• An interactive training diary
• Your complete nutrition guide to eat for fat loss
• The New Body Plan success planner
• Regular tips and advice from me for faster results
• Unlimited online support, whenever you need it!

Let’s do this!
So, I’m in – are you? I can’t wait to get started and I really hope that you join me. If you do I promise I’ll do everything I can to help you get the fat-loss results you want, and feel better than ever to boot!

See you Monday!

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