Sculpt a rock-hard six-pack with the best cable machine abs exercise

Becoming the proud owner of an impressive and solid set of abs requires a more intelligent approach than simply cracking out hundreds of crunches. Sculpt your six-pack the smarter way with the best cable machine moves for a rock-hard mid-section

The best cable machine abs moves

Cable crunch
Why? This move allows you to work your upper abs harder by using extra weight rather than relying on bodyweight alone, which is the case with normal crunches. Kneel in front of the weight stack, holding a double-rope handle in both hands either side of your head and crunch down, then hold the bottom position for a second to force a strong contraction in your abs.

Cable reverse crunch
Why? Lie on your back and put your feet through a D-handle cable attachment then draw your knees up in towards your chest to work your lower abs in a different way, and with more resistance, than you can using your bodyweight.

Cable Russian twist
Why? To sculpt a proper six-pack you need to work every part of your abs, and this includes your obliques, or side abs. The standing Russian twist hits these muscles very effectively as you twist your torso out then back under complete control and constant tension. Always do the same number of reps twisting to one side and then the other for a balanced physique.

Low cable woodchop
Why? This is a great move for working both your lower abs and your obliques in one sweeping movement. Keep your arms straight and begin with bent knees then swing your hands up and across your body until they’re above shoulder height. Pause and hold at the top for a second then slowly reverse the movement back down to the start, keeping the tension from the cable on your abs throughout.

High cable woodchop
Why? This exercises works your upper abs and your side abs during the same movement, and allows for a wide range of motion as your sweep your straight arms from the top position down and across your body so they finish down by your side. Reverse the movement back up to the start, always slowly and under complete control so your abs muscles do all of the work.

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