Is this common mistake killing your progress?

Get rid of the guesswork and burn fat faster, says New Body Plan editorial director Joe Warner

I was prompted to write this blog because of a problem I’m hearing increasingly frequently. I hope this post helps you avoid this very common mistake so you can make massive positive changes to how you look and feel.

So, I received an email the other day from someone four weeks into their own New Body Plan fat-loss programme.

The email said that despite seeing terrific progress in the first fortnight of his plan – he’d lost more than 3kg – his results had stalled in the past two weeks. After a few emails back and forth the problem hit me right between the eyes. He said he’d been so happy with the first fortnight that he wanted to accelerate his progress: so he’d changed around his workouts, adding some exercises in and taking others out. He’d also made sweeping changes to the way he ate, cutting back his calories drastically in the belief he’d lose fat faster (here’s why that approach never works).

Feedback failure
I asked him how he was feeling. “Stressed” was the immediate response, followed by “tired”, and “hungry”. His desire to accelerate his progress meant he’d stopped doing all the things that had worked and so completely derailed his fat-loss journey. He wasn’t eating enough, so wasn’t sleeping well, so didn’t have the energy to train hard.

And because his sessions were meandering and unstructured, the majority of his gym time was being wasted. So now he wasn’t getting that endorphin rush that follows a great workout, and was leaving the gym dejected, rather than buzzing with pride in his performance.

(This is something I see all the time: guys exercising without a training plan, wandering around not really doing anything and leaving feeling fed up – and the main reason why despite being “gym regulars” they never make positive changes to their physiques!)

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No need to be perfect!
He’d fallen into the classic trap of over-thinking his approaches, undoing the good work he’d already done in the first two weeks by simply following the smart and sustainable training and eating plans we’d given him. In trying to be “perfect” he’d actually taken big steps backwards. I’ve written about the problems with this “Perfection Philosophy” before – it’s one of the most popular articles we’ve ever published – and you can read more about a better approach to get fat-loss results faster here.

Stop over-thinking!
My point is this: with New Body Plan we’ve done all the thinking for you. Indeed, it’s the most common feedback we get: so many people who have tried and failed to lose weight and build muscle in the past have finally found success with New Body Plan because we’ve taken all the over-thinking, guesswork and self-doubts out of the process. They haven’t ever needed to think: all they’ve had to do is act.

And it’s no surprise to me that there’s a direct correlation between those who have had the greatest fat-loss transformations and those who have followed New Body Plan as closely as possible.

Ready for action?
It’s amazing the difference it makes when you don’t have to think about how you need to train or what you need to eat. Because we know that you’re busy with work, home life and social commitments, we’ve made the workouts quick, effective and enjoyable, so you not only burn fat, but also get the mental high that comes from a job well done.

And we know you don’t want to live off nothing but steamed chicken and raw carrots, and don’t have the time nor inclination to measure and track every morsel of food that enters your mouth, which is why we’ve created a flexible and delicious approach to eating that will burn fat, as well as build lean muscle, to transform how you look with your top off.

The truth is that if you want to torch fat and build lean muscle all you need to do is decide which of our range of programmes is perfectly suited to your needs and training experience – you can do that here – and then follow the plan laid out for you.

Take back control!
So, if you’re ready to take back control of your heath and fitness so you can look, feel and perform better than ever, the range of New Body Plan transformation packs are your one-stop-shop for the better-body results you’ve always wanted.

And we’re so confident that our plans will work for you it’s why we offer a money-back guarantee! You can find out what you get in our most popular transformation pack, as well as all the answers to the most frequently-asked questions, here.

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