What’s it like to do a New Body Plan transformation?

Do I have to be fit before I start?
It’s a really common misconception that you have to “get in shape” before you can properly start a training or fitness plan. Provided you have no underlying health issues or injuries, then you’re good to go. That’s because all the New Body Plan workouts have been designed to test your individual ability, so you’ll lift a weight that’s appropriate for you. Our plans have also been structured to be progressive, which means they get more challenging as you become fitter and stronger. And if you are already in great shape, New Body Plan will harness your current strength and fitness levels to push you on to a new level.

Do I have to put my life on hold?
Absolutely not. And, again, this was absolutely vital for us when creating the training and nutrition plans. They have specifically been designed so that they can be done by people who lead busy and demanding lives. The programmes contain either three or four workout sessions a week and we’ve made healthy eating as simple as possible.

Is the diet restrictive?
Not at all. In fact, it’s the opposite. Our portion-based approach to nutrition makes healthy eating easier than ever. We’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to create healthy and tasty meals to make sure that eating remains a pleasure, and never a chore or an exercise in denial. Even better, our “90% Nutrition” rule means that you only have to stick to the eating plan 90% of the time. The rest of the time you can eat what you want. Of course, if you want to eat well all the time, that’s great too.

How tough are the sessions?
The sessions are challenging but rewarding. Some coaches seem to write plans that are ego or punishment-driven. They either try to show off how clever they are by including obscure (and ineffective) exercises or they unleash their sadistic streak and give you sessions that are demoralisingly difficult. Our focus is the complete opposite because all New Body Plan workout programmes are perfectly pitched to give you an instant mood-boosting hit because they’ll stimulate the release of the feel-good hormones endorphins. And they’ll give you a long-term boost because there’s nothing more satisfying or motivating than seeing results and smashing your goals. We’d always advise you to push yourself as hard as you can but that becomes easier to do when you see that you’re getting an excellent return on your gym time.

What else can I expect from the plan?
Apart from the physical changes you’ll experience, it’s likely that you’ll also notice a range of health benefits, including increased energy, better sleep and reduced stress. The plan also encourages you to take charge of how you eat and how you exercise. A happy side effect of this is that you should generally feel more empowered in other areas of your life too; when you have a positive training experience it puts you in a “can-do” mindset.

How much of a difference can I really make?
This is really down to you and how much of a difference you want to make. The good news is that you can make a phenomenal difference if you follow the plan and our nutrition advice. Everyone’s outcome will be slightly different but we can assure you that if you execute every rep to the best of your ability then you’ll be astounded by the result you can achieve. The other thing you’ll find is that seeing results is an incredibly powerful motivation. If you’re halfway through the plan and you’re making great progress, you’re hardly going to back off, are you? You’re going to push on, knowing that you’re just 28 days away from accomplishing something special.

What do I do at the end of the plan?
The first thing you should do is give yourself a massive pat on your leaner, more muscular back. Completing one of our plans is a great achievement because it is always going to be easier to sit on the sofa eating junk than set foot in a gym or do a home workout. If you’re thinking about the long term and you want a new challenge, we’ve got a range of plans that you can try, such as the New Body Plan Maintenance programme or the Advanced plan and, if you’ve been really bitten by the training bug, you might even want to follow a New Body Plan Personalised training and nutrition plan.

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