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Why thinking you’re “perfect” will kill your progress

The more we tell ourselves that we’re perfect just the way we are, the less likely we are to achieve the fitter, healthier and happier life we want, says New Body Plan creator Jon Lipsey

If you spend long enough on Instagram you’ll stumble across a post that tells you that “you’re perfect just as you are”.

Well, I have some bad news for you. You’re not perfect.

But before you flag this as the worst #MondayMotivation message in history, I’d like you to hear me out.

You see, in my (not particularly humble) opinion, anyone who tells you that you are perfect just as you are is doing you a disservice.

I get where they’re coming from. They’re encouraging you to be kinder to yourself but it’s a psychologically stunted message that holds you back from making progress.

Telling yourself that you’re fine as you are removes the emotionally challenging task of being honest about where you are right now. It’s comforting. It’s easy. But it gets you nowhere.

I’m not saying that I want you to beat yourself up. That’s ineffective too. My suggestion is to use a ‘Critic and Coach’ approach because it gives you the two things you need to change how you look and feel.

A critic worth listening to
You need to be your own ‘Critic’ because you need an honest assessment of where you are right now. You need to be honest with yourself about what you don’t like in order to work out how you go about changing it. I don’t want you to be vindictive. I want you to be fair and I want you to also tell yourself that you have the capacity to take charge of your situation.

That’s where the coach comes in. The coach is there to map out a pathway to success, whether that’s adding 10kg to your bench press or taking away 2kg from your gut. The role of the coach is to guide you through the practical steps you need to take and to put an arm around your shoulder when you need encouragement.

When the Critic and Coach work in harmony you’ll be unstoppable. You’ll identify goals and you’ll smash those goals. You won’t be perfect. But you’ll be pretty damned close.

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