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Your 3 new weapons for faster fat loss

When you’re desperate for a leaner, stronger and fitter body it’s essential you have someone on your side to help you on your way. That’s why I’ve made it my personal mission to do everything I can to help you get the rapid results you want, says New Body Plan editor Joe Warner

I’ve made it my personal mission to get you back in shape.

Why? Because to build a better body so many people make the same initial mistake: they think they can achieve their goals by flying solo and doing it all alone.

But even with bucket-loads of motivation and determination, if you don’t have some support and guidance, especially at the start, it’s almost impossible to realise your fat-loss and new-muscle ambition. Trust me – I’ve been there, and wasted countless hours working very hard but in the completely wrong direction!

That’s why I wanted to flag up three key features of Club New Body Plan – our new app-based exercise and eating membership service – and how we can get you looking and feeling better than ever. Me and the team have made it our personal mission to give you what you need to get the results you want – and here’s how.

Interactive Sessions
Why I like it: The simplicity
Once in the app just tap the Workouts button to view the list of all your available sessions: there’s three new bodyweight sessions and three new dumbbell ones added every week. Select the one you want to do, watch the video demos for guidance, then record your reps or the weight you’ve used in the interactive training diary. It couldn’t be easier! The best bit? You can tick off each set as you complete it for a feel-good boost of achievement and added motivation to keep on pushing.

Why you’ll love it
It makes torching calories easy and you can work out when you want, where you want and how you want – safe in the knowledge the session has been designed to move you a big step closer towards a better body. Simply follow the session plan, record your results as you go, and tick off each set to keep moving in the right direction! I think you’ll be amazed how quickly the sessions go, and also marvel in how easy you now find it stay focused, motivated and confident right up to the very last rep!

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Live and On-Demand Workouts
Why I like it: The camaraderie
If there’s one way to make exercise feel easier it’s doing it with other people. Or, for even greater motivation, you can hire a personal trainer. But in today’s world the first is impossible and the second is too expensive. That’s why we’ve created this massive feature for all Club New Body Plan memberships: I’m going to be hosting six live workouts every week that you can access live through your app or on-demand at a more convenient time for you. It’s no exaggeration to say that this features puts your own personal trainer in your pocket, and that joining my live and on-demand sessions will be your secret weapon to finally start seeing the results you want.

Why you’ll love it
Through the app you can join me and do up to three live bodyweight and three live dumbbell sessions every week. Not free when I’m taking the session? No worries, you can watch all six sessions on-demand within 30 minutes of the live workout ending, so you can get the expert advice, tips and guidance you need to have a fantastic session. In fact, you don’t have to think or worry about a thing: simply do what I say, when I say it, and before you know it your fat-loss workout is in the bag and those feel-good endorphins are coursing through your veins!

Meal Plans and Calorie Tracking
Why I like it: The empowerment
To lose fat you need to burn more calories than you consume. It’s that simple. But numerous studies have shown that people over-estimate how much “healthy” food they eat whilst simultaneously under-estimating how much “bad” food, such as crisps, chocolate and ice cream, they consume. The Nutrition feature in Club New Body Plan takes all the guess work out of eating for a better body, giving you knowledge and power you need to follow the perfect nutrition approach so you can shed body fat without giving up any of the foods you love.

Why you’ll love it
Inside the app you’ll find a variety of fat-loss meal plans you can follow: there’s a 2,000 calorie a day option for quick fat loss, or we’ve created a 1750-calorie option for the most rapid results possible. Oh, and both are also available as vegetarian plans, so you’ve got the option if you don’t eat meat or want to do some meat-free days each week. What’s more, there’s also a calorie and macronutrient tracking tool, so if you want to track what you’re eating when you’re not following one of the meal plans you still have the power in your hands to know exactly what you’re eating to keep your fat-loss mission on track.

Talk to me!
Another key feature of Club New Body Plan is Chat. Through the app you have instant access to talk to me and our team of expert coaches. We’re on hand to answer any questions you have and we’ve made it our primary mission to give you the advice and guidance you need to get the results you want.

Don’t forget, we’ve all done New Body Plan transformation challenges ourselves, so we know exactly what it takes to seize back control of our health and fitness to torch fat, build muscle and feel fantastic – and now we’re here to help you do the same!

Join Club New Body Plan to burn fat fast!
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