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The best training shorts and trousers for men

Take your training to the next level with the perfect workout shorts that provide comfort, movement and style so you can focus your effort on getting the physique and performance results you want

For most men what they wear on their bottom half is the least important decision they make about that day’s attire. Suit trousers, jeans, chinos. The decision ultimate rests on what meetings are in that day’s diary. And a similar level of consideration is typically given to what they’ll wear to work out. It usually boils down to “what’s clean?”

But if you’re serious about training hard and smart, then you need to wear the right workout gear. Investing in the best training shoes for your goal is critically important. As is wearing the best training tee-shirt and the perfect workout hoodie or jacket. Yet the shorts, leggings or trousers you select also have a big part to play in the effectiveness of your session.

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Why? The right training shorts or bottoms should be comfortable, first and foremost, because who can work out hard if they’re having to constantly adjust themselves? They must also be made from breathable material to keep you cool and dry, but that also can withstand the most rigorous types of training, such as high-intensity interval cardio or lifting heavy weights. That means they allow the complete freedom of movement so you can jump, stretch, twist and bend freely, without the material stretching, ripping or losing its shape, or rubbing and chaffing your skin.

Here’s our guide to the best new workout shorts and trousers so you can perform at your best in complete comfort!

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Under Armour Meridian tapered trousers

Under Armour tapered training trousers

What do you look for in a pair of workout trousers? Do you need super-soft and stretching performance knit fabric for comfort and support where you need it most? Is a four-way stretch material that moves effortlessly in every direction, whilst wicking away sweat and moisture to keep you dry and eliminate chaffing, a big box that needs to be ticked? Do you need an encased elastic waistband with external drawcord and secure zip-hand pockets? Then these lightweight, breathable and durable trousers from Under Armour are just the ticket.

The North Face Athletic Outdoor Winter tapered trousers

The North Face tapered training trousers

If style is as important to you as substance then these tapered bottoms from the North Face are just the ticket. Relaxed through the thigh then tapering down to the ankle, these trousers are breathable, water-repellent and lightweight. And the stretch fabric will keep you supported and allow complete freedom of movement to suit every type of activity, from gentle active recovery stroll right up to the most gruelling and lengthy mountainous hike.

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Castore Onyx Protek training shorts

Castore 2-in-1 training shorts
Castore have upended established wisdom since bursting on to the performance athleisure scene, proving that style and substance can be the best of friends. These two-in-one shorts are a case in point with high-stretch woven fabric and elasticated waistband providing a comfortable fit with complete adjustability.

Under Armour Iso-Chill Run 2-in-1 shorts

Under Armour isochill training shorts 2-in-1
The latest iteration of Under Armour’s top-selling training shorts is not short of science. A new flatter fibre in the fabric wicks away moisture faster. And the Iso-Chill mesh compression transfers heat away from the body quickly to keep your skin cool, dry and irritation-free. The flat knit waistband with internal drawcord keeps everything exactly where it should be for a smoother run.

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MyProtein MY Velocity Ultra 2-in-1 shorts

MyProtein training shorts gym
The two-in-one design provides optional comfort with functionality. Boasting three zip pockets for secure storage on the go, as well as a built-in phone pocket, the reflective tape edges afford better nighttime visibility. The hem split allows for friction-free movement, whether you running intervals, flipping tyres or overhead squatting.

The North Face X ELVIRA Stridelight shorts

The North Face training shorts
Another key price from the North Face’s collaboration with its leading trail running ambassadors, these striking shorts have been designed with elite athletes in mind. Light, breathable and stretchy, ventilation zones will keep air flowing to whip away sweat and heat. The waistband has clever storage pockets for your phone, keys or energy gels, and the best bit? They’re made from recycled material to reduce your eco footprint every time you run.

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