4 easy ways to lose body fat

Lose fat faster with these smart eating strategies

Make time for breakfast
People who skip breakfast are almost five times as likely to be overweight than those who do regularly sit down for a morning meal, according to a 12-month study of 500 subjects at the University of Massachusetts in the US. If you’re always in a rush first thing don’t just grab a sugary cereal bar on the way to work; instead set your alarm for 20 minutes earlier to make the time to sit down with a bowl of porridge with yoghurt and fruit or, even better, have a couple of eggs.

Keep snacks out of sight
If your work space is surrounded by sweet treats and salty snacks you’re far more likely to eat them, with a study from Cornell University in the US finding that office workers ate four times more sweets when they were moved from opaque containers two metres from their desks to see-through containers on their desks. Think “out of sight, out of mind” and put occasional treats at the back of cupboards, drawers or the fridge so they’re not the first thing you see when looking for something to eat. If you do struggle with too much snacking, here’s the likely reasons behind your over-eating and how to stop it.

Break the habit
We are creatures of habit for good reason: having a regular schedule of daily actions frees up brainpower for other tasks. But while brushing your teeth twice a day is a good habit to foster, your 11am grande cappuccino and triple-chocolate muffin won’t do your waistline any favours. All habits, according to the experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, follow a three-step pattern: cue, routine, reward. Once you identify your cue (let’s say, it’s Friday evening), the routine (sinking four pints after work) and the reward you get from it (relaxation, social buzz, camaraderie), you can then try to change the routine to get the same reward. Maybe you can get the same Friday night benefits without the booze by playing five-a-side football, or joining a sports or hobby club. Here’s more on how to break bad habits fast, and for good.

Get enough shut-eye
Not getting enough sleep – ideally between seven and nine hours per night – can affect the hormones that regulate feelings of hunger and satiety, according to research from the New York Academy of Science. The study reported that individuals who failed to sleep well are more likely to suffer from obesity and diabetes. Here’s seven quick and easy ways to start sleeping like a baby.

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