Use Jürgen Klopp’s mind trick to win weight-loss glory

Struggling to find the motivation or need some accountability to lose the weight you’ve gained? Now’s the time to adopt the mindset of a serial winner so you can deliver on that promise you made yourself to get back in to shape for summer, says New Body Plan’s Joe Warner

Are you desperate to lose some weight and look and feel great in time for summer? But are you being held back from achieving your ambition by a lack of motivation, confidence or accountability?

These are the most common reasons why most people never get the results they so desperately desire.

Sound like you? Then a few words of wisdom from an unlikely source may be just what you need to finally get the lean and fit body you’ve always wanted.

Going for glory

On Tuesday night, before his team’s do-or-die Premier League game against Manchester United, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp said something that really struck me.

And I think it will resonate with you too – especially if you’re desperate to get fit for summer but don’t know where to start or what to do.

Liverpool are in contention for an unprecedented quadruple: League Cup (already won); FA Cup (in the final versus Chelsea); UEFA Champions League (in the semi-final versus Villarreal), and Premier League (trail Manchester City by one single point with six games to play).

Klopp was asked whether he believed his side could make history by winning all four competitions. Here’s what he said:

“We’d have to win all our games. That’s crazy!”

But then he gave a fascinating glimpse into the mentality of a serial winner.

“The good thing is that we don’t have to win them all at once. Just this one tonight.”

One game at a time

How does this mindset apply to you? I’m glad you asked.

When you’re desperate to lose weight and get in shape, being overwhelmed by how you will actually achieve your aim is the biggest obstacle most people never overcome. The result? They quit before they’ve even started.

But if you listen to Klopp, what you need to do becomes startlingly straightforward. Just do one workout.

Take our brand new workout programme, Summer Body 2022. It’s a six-week plan made up of four workouts per week. That’s 24 sessions. If you’ve never trained before, or not done so for a while, that might seem like an awful lot of exercise.

But you don’t have to do 24 sessions today. You don’t even have to do two. You just have to do one. That’s it.

Once you do that single session, and get that win under your belt, you’ll find you have more confidence and more motivation for the next one.

You may look forward to it – now confident in the knowledge you’re taking a massive step each time you train towards the body you’ve always wanted. After all, success breeds success.

Never hold back

One final thing Klopp said will also help you get those results as quickly as you want.

“You have to go into each game as if it’s the last you’re ever going to play.”

And it’s exactly the same for a workout. You have to start each session with the mindset that you’re going to give it absolutely everything you’ve got. No holding back. No playing it safe. Get on the attack and lift like your life depends on it.

Most people don’t do that. Not because they’re incapable of pushing themselves. Far from it. But for the simple reason they don’t have a plan so they don’t know what they’re doing. That makes it impossible.

But once you’ve got your plan, all you need to do is get that first session done. Because once you start winning, there’s no way you’re going to settle for anything less.

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