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5 best fat loss breakfast ideas to lose weight faster

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so use one of my tried-and-tested fat loss breakfast ideas to burn stubborn body fat faster, says New Body Plan creator and magazine cover model Jon Lipsey

My best fat loss breakfast

Most of my breakfasts while I was doing my New Body Plan fat-loss challenge were based around eggs. They’re packed with protein and other useful nutrients. They’re quick and easy to cook and they’re versatile. So you won’t get bored. If you’re making an omelette, add some vegetables, such as mushrooms and onions. Scrambling or poaching? Serve with veg, such as spinach or tomato, on the side. I’d usually eat mine with a side of fruit, such as a banana or a bowl of berries.

Bonus tip: Later on in the plan, when I was trying to maximise fat loss, I dropped the fruit to slightly reduce my calorie consumption but retain a high protein intake.

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Steak and eggs for a high protein breakfast

Name a protein source that you might eat at breakfast. You probably said eggs, bacon, sausages and smoked salmon. You likely didn’t say steak or white fish. The latter two options may be unusual but for faster fat loss they’re the best options. So, if you can get over the psychological hurdle of starting your day with a steak, go for it. The more breakfast options you have available to you, the less likely you are to get bored.

Bonus tip: If you’re cooking a portion of meat or fish for breakfast, make an extra one at the same time that you can put in a salad for lunch.

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Protein porridge for a muscle-building breakfast

Starting your day with a bowl of porridge? Can’t be bothered to try your hand at a cordon blue steak? Try adding a scoop of whey protein powder to your oats and hot milk. Just make the porridge, add the protein powder and give it a stir.

Bonus tip: If you’re really struggling for time, having a protein shake (with either milk or water) will be better for your fat-loss goal than grabbing a pastry on the go.

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The time-saving best fat loss breakfast

Not going to have time to make a proper breakfast? Boil two or three eggs the night before and pop them in the fridge. Then grab them on your way out the door. Do so and you’ll avoid the temptation to get a croissant from the cafe down the road.

Bonus tip: Have a piece of fruit and a small bag of nuts on standby. Why? So you can get a healthy hit of all three macronutrient groups (protein, carbs and fats) in one easy meal.

The best veggie fat loss breakfast

Are you a vegetarian? Or maybe you just don’t fancy meat for breakfast. Add about 200g of natural yogurt in a bowl, sprinkle 25g of chia seeds over the top and add a handful of berries. That will give you about 15g of protein, as well as a bunch of other essential nutrients.

Bonus tip: Sprinkle on some spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon for an added health and flavour kick.

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