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Build muscle and burn fat by making perfect protein pancakes

The New Body Plan team love protein pancakes because they’re a fantastic way to satisfy any sweet-tooth cravings and to give us the essential nutrients we need. And they’re perfect for dessert or breakfast! Here’s how to make delicious and nutritious banana and vanilla protein pancakes.

How to make protein pancakes

Each pancake contains around 170 calories, of which 16g is carbs, 17.5g is protein and 4g is fat. This recipe makes four medium-sized pancakes.


2 large eggs
2 medium bananas (ripe)
50g vanilla whey protein powder
150g of Skyr Iceland yoghurt
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Drizzle of chocolate protein spread (optional)

Cooking instructions

Heat a little oil in a pan. Blend the eggs, one of the bananas, the protein powder and the cinnamon. Pour the mix in the pan, cook it one side, flip, then cook the other. Slide it on to a plate and repeat until you’re out of mix.

To each one add a dollop of Skyr Icelandic-style yoghurt, some sliced banana and the chocolate protein spread. Then eat it before anyone else can get their hands on them!

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