Overcome obstacles to get healthier and happier

Here’s how to keep your better-life journey progressing on the right track

It’s important to realise that there’ll be some events or circumstances that could distract you from achieving your New Body Plan better body.

Some will be down to you (which we will call Internal Obstacles), some down to other people (External Obstacles), and others entirely outside your control (Uncontrollable Obstacles).

It doesn’t matter what the obstacles are or where they originate. What matters is how you react to them so you can move past them quickly to get back on track. Having some strategies, which we call Positive Obstacle Plans (POPs), in mind will make overcoming them much easier!

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Take the New Body quiz!

The three types of obstacle
An Internal Obstacle is a negative thought that questions your own ability to make positive changes to your life, or when you feel overwhelmed by how far you think you have to go to be healthier and happier.

An External Obstacle is a negative thought or situation where we compare ourselves with other people, or where other people, for whatever reason, question your ability to make positive changes.

An Uncontrollable Obstacle is a negative situation over which you have no control and can’t really anticipate, such as you (or your kids) catching a cold, a last-minute work obligation or an injury.

Anticipating your obstacles
On a piece of paper write down three obstacles – one Internal, one External and one Uncontrollable – that could appear at some point over the next eight weeks, and then write down three (POPs) you will use if such an obstacle does arise (which, of course, there’s every chance it won’t!).

Here are three example obstacles to give you a better idea of what yours might be.

Internal Obstacle: “I have failed to lose weight before and so I think I will fail again”
POP: “I will remember that what has happened is in the past; what matters now is the future and I believe I am on the right path towards being healthier and happier for life”

External Obstacle: “I will never be as lean or happy as that person”
POP: “I will remember that I am unique and the only comparison I care about is whether I am healthier and happier than I was yesterday or last week. If I am, then I am doing everything right”

Uncontrollable Obstacle: “I have caught a cold”
POP: “I will remember that life is full of unexpected events – some good and some bad – but I will continue to follow my new daily healthy habits and fill in my daily journal until I feel well enough to exercise again”

To find your perfect transformation plan, take the New Body quiz!
Take the New Body quiz!

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