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Welcome to NBP3!

Your journey towards the leaner, stronger and fitter body you’ve always wanted starts now! Here’s how my best-ever workout plan will help you look, feel and perform better than ever, says NBP3 programme creator Joe Warner

Welcome to NBP3, my brand new training programme that’s going to help you achieve – finally – the better-body results you’ve always wanted!

Feels good, doesn’t it? To know you’re exactly where you supposed to be. You see, so many people want to shift stubborn body fat and build lean and defined muscles. They’re desperate to start living a fitter, healthier and happier life. But so few ever achieve the results they so desperately want.

It’s not because they’re lazy. Nor because their bodies are “immune” to exercise, so won’t ever change no matter what they try.

No, the number one reason most people never manage to lose weight or get in shape is because they never find the right plan for them and their goals. Maybe this all sounds very familiar. Maybe that sounds just like the old you.

But you don’t need to worry about any of that for a second longer. Why? Because reading this means you’ve now joined my exclusive NBP3 club. So you now have at your disposal all the tools and advice and help you need to achieve the better-body results you’ve always wanted! Just keep reading to discover how we – together – are going to do just that.

If by some reason you’ve landed here before signing up for NBP3 – my latest and best body-transformation programme – you can do so here! By joining my NBP3 club you gain instant and exclusive access to my new eight-week fat-loss and muscle-building plan, as well as around-the-clock access to me so I can answer any questions you have!

How NBP3 works

NBP3 is an eight-week training and nutrition programme designed to maximise the reduction in stubborn body-fat levels whilst simultaneously building lean and defined muscle mass. The result? An incredible and impressive – not to mention eye-catching – change in how you look without your clothes on.

But don’t be surprised if people other than your partner, especially your mates and work colleagues, soon start to notice a big difference in how you look with your clothes on too. Shirts will fit beautifully around your shoulders and arms to showcase your bigger and more defined muscles, and buttons will soon do up with ease. The days of breathing in to do up your buttons – or to stop them from popping open – will be long gone!

NBP3: The workout plan

NBP3 is an eight-week workout programme. Each week contains three weight-training sessions, which target all the major muscles of your body to make them bigger, stronger and more defined. These three workouts are non-negotiable: you have to do them if you’re serious about getting into shape.

Each week also contains an optional fourth session. This workout is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) circuit session designed to complement your three weight-training workouts to rapidly reduce body fat levels whilst adding stronger and more functional muscle. You should do this optional workout each week if you want to get the fastest-possible results.

The eight weeks of the programme are split into four two-week segments, or “blocks”. In each block you’ll work different muscles groups in different ways. Why? Regularly changing the exercises you do, as well as the sets, reps, tempo and rest periods, is the best way to keep your positive results coming. Changing the training stimulus is what forces your body to continue to adapt by losing fat and building muscle. What’s more, shaking things up every couple of weeks keeps your workouts mentally fresh and challenging, so you stay 100% focused and motivated.

NBP3: The workouts

Here are the muscle groups you’ll be training in each week of NBP3:

Weeks 1&2
Session 1: Total Body
Session 2: Total Body
Session 3: Total Body
Session 4: Dumbbell HIIT Circuit (Optional)

Weeks 3&4
Session 1: Upper Body
Session 2: Lower Body
Session 3: Total Body
Session 4: Kettlebell HIIT Circuit (Optional)

Weeks 5&6
Session 1: Push Muscles
Session 2: Leg Muscles
Session 3: Pull Muscles
Session 4: Barbell HIIT Circuit (Optional)

Weeks 7&8
Session 1: Chest & Back
Session 2: Legs & Abs
Session 3: Arms & Delts
Session 4: Barbell HIIT Circuit (Optional)

NBP3: The sessions

The three weight-lifting sessions of each week contain six different exercises. Some exercises will be performed as straight sets, some will be performed as superset. You can find detailed instructions for every single workout inside that specific session. Just tap on the Notes for the first exercise (after the warm-up move) to read them. The final move of these workouts is a “Fat-Loss Finisher” move designed to get your heart rate up so you end the session on a real high.

The optional fourth session of each week is a circuit-training workout. There are four different moves you’ll do in order without resting until all the reps of the fourth and final move have been completed. The last two moves are an abs-focused superset. Again, you can find specific sessions instructions by tapping the Notes of the first exercise.

Remember, attack every session with complete focus and determination! Attitude is one of the most under-rated but important attributes required for the best-possible body transformation. You need to lift like your life depends on it! It can help to spend a few minutes before your session to really think hard about why you’re doing this and how great it’s going to feel when you achieve you goal. Mental preparation like this will really enable you to get In The Zone. And put together a playlist of your favourite motivational music to listen to when training to help you stay In The Zone!

NBP3: The meal plans

NBP3 also comes with a nutrition plan so what you do in the kitchen has as much impact on accelerating your results as what you do in the gym!

There’s two seven-day meal plans, one containing 2,000 calories per day, the another with 1,750 calories for even faster fat loss. And you don’t have to stick to just one plan. You can switch between the two approaches based on your unique needs and requirements. For instance, you may want to use the higher-calorie day on workout days to fuel your training, and the lower-calorie option on recovery days. The choice is yours!

If you prefer more flexibility you can use the extensive menu of nutritious and delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options to build your own personalised meal plan based on your favourite foods and meals.

Ready? Let’s do this!

Now you’ve joined my NBP3 team I wanted to take this final opportunity before you begin to remind you of one very simple but very significant thing: you’ve got me in your corner!

Believe me when I say I want you to achieve an awesome transformation as much as you do. Nothing would give me greater professional pleasure than seeing you completely knock your NBP3 better-body challenge out the park!

That’s why I am making myself available to you whenever you need me.

I’ll provide round-the-clock support to answer any of your health and fitness or training and nutrition questions. You can chat to me inside the New Body Plan app (select the Chat option from the main menu) or you can email me directly (I’ll get back to you ASAP!).

What does this mean? You’ve got unrivaled and exclusive access to all the expert advice you need to finally achieve the better-body results you’ve always wanted!

I was going to sign off with a message of good luck. But we don’t need luck. Together, we’ve got this.


Joe Warner
NBP3 Programme Creator