3 quick fixes to kick-start your transformation

Overcome these 3 common obstacles to start your transformation today!

The problem I don’t have enough time

The solution Do whatever you can!
We humans tend to think in all-or-nothing terms, so can have a less-than-helpful attitude of “if I can’t do all four workouts this week then there’s no point doing any”. But this simply isn’t accurate! Doing three out of four sessions will enable you to achieve at least 75% of the results, and you’ll still make major changes to how you look and feel by beginning with three sessions a week. And the beauty is that if you do three sessions this week you’ll make such a positive difference to how you feel that you’ll be raring to get all four sessions done next week!

The problem I don’t have enough energy

The solution Exercise gives back more energy than it takes!
Life is getting busier and we all have commitments to our jobs, families and friends that take up time and energy, so we have very little left to spend on ourselves. But even if you’re feeling shattered as soon as you start your session when you get the blood and adrenaline flowing and the music pumping you’ll discover you had far more gas in the tank than you realised. And you’ll even end the workout buzzing with endorphins that provide an even greater energy and feel-good high. The key is that you have to start the session to get these benefits.

The problem I don’t have enough confidence

The solution Back yourself to amaze yourself!
You can begin your body-transformation challenge with all the motivation in the world but sometimes things don’t go to plan and it’s easy to lose heart. Maybe the first couple of sessions weren’t ideal because the gym was busy or the kit you needed was occupied. Or maybe you started with weights that were too heavy and got disheartened. Instead of doubting yourself and your ability to make huge changes to your body you need to dig deep and find that inner self-confidence that’s going to be a huge driver in helping you build a leaner and stronger physique. Write out everything that went well and list all the positive steps you took, then take a moment to celebrate these wins. Then ask yourself what didn’t go according to plan and some likely reasons why – and then what you could do next time to overcome this issue if it does happen again. This five-minute fix will help you better understand what you need to do to get the ball rolling. And remember, if you follow this approach you’ll never actually fail; you’ll just keep finding ways of doing things better!

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