Are you a “One Day” or a “Day 1” person?

I’ve just spoken to one of the 12 guys who has signed up for our first-ever New Body Plan eight-week transformation challenge because I wanted to know why he had decided to take part.

Why? First, if I know his motivations I am better able to give him the tools, guidance and support he needs to achieve his goals as quickly as possible.

Second, because I find the reason why somebody decides to take back control of their health and fitness – and their life – even more interesting than the reasons why most people never do, and continue to live a life that isn’t as healthy nor as happy as they know it could be.

Final straw
He told me that he was fed up of telling himself that he’d get back into shape “one day”. He’d been saying it over and over again forever, and that “one day” had morphed into weeks, then months, then years of inaction. He was still waiting for that perfect “one day” to dawn and consequently was now as far away as he’d ever been from the body he really wanted.

So he’d made a big decision. No longer was he going to tell himself “one day”. Instead he flipped those two words around. He was ready for “Day 1” – the first day of the rest of his life.

The time is now
People often ask me when is the perfect time to start an fat-loss plan. And I used to tell them it was yesterday. But I’ve changed my answer, because that’s simply not true.

Sure, we all would love to be leaner instantly, but it’s not just about the end result. When I did my eight-week transformation I learned more about myself – my strengths, my motivations, my newfound confidence to first tip-toe, then leap, out of my comfort zone – in two months than I had in my previous two decades. It made me realise that I could dig deeper when the going get tough, and this knowledge and the strength I gained from it had a huge crossover benefit to other areas of my life, and led to many hugely beneficial outcomes.

You see, it’s never only about the number on the scales on the reflection in the mirror. It’s about so much more than that. And, like my new personal training client, once someone decides to say “Day 1” instead of “one day”, the sooner they’ll get the body – and the life – that they’ve always wanted.

Your perfect plan
Remember, your Day 1 doesn’t have to be doing an eight-week fat-loss plan. At New Body Plan we’ve got training and nutrition programmes to suit your precise fitness goal. Simply take the New Body Plan quiz to find the perfect plan for you.

To find your perfect transformation plan, take the New Body quiz!
Take the New Body quiz!

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