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Hi, Jon Lipsey here, with a bit of an unconventional message. I’m writing it because I’d have benefited from reading it before I started my own transformation.

It’s a list of things that you have to look forward to if you go through the New Body Plan experience. It’s not the physical stuff – a flatter stomach, bigger arms, a broader chest – because you know about that already. And it’s not the health stuff – less stress, better mood, increased sleep quality – although that is all pretty life changing. It’s the stuff that was in my head. This stuff…

Old me: I don’t have it in me to transform my body
New me: With the right exercise fat loss programme, I can achieve anything I set out to achieve

In the past I was pretty hard on myself. In my head I’d say, ‘you’ve never been in great shape, so you don’t have what it takes to be in great shape’. The first part was true. The second bit was absolute rubbish. The reason I’d never been in shape because I had never followed a structured and progressive training plan with that objective. So if you’re questioning your own ability to build the body you want, ask yourself this: have you ever faithfully followed a proven and progressive training and nutrition plan? If the answer is ‘no’, then you know what to do.

To find your perfect transformation plan, take the New Body quiz!
Take the New Body quiz!

Old me: If I had a stressful day then I’d have a beer
New me: I have a drink when I want, for a positive reason

This one has had a huge impact on my life. I didn’t realise it but I had fallen in to the habit of reaching for an ice-cold beer if I’d had a stressful day. The trouble is, most days seemed to be pretty stressful. Without New Body Plan, I had no reason to change my behaviour patterns. But after a few weeks off the booze, I found that I re-set my habits. I hadn’t planned to do it. It just happened. And 18 months later, I’m still enjoying the benefits.

Old me: I was powerless to resist the temptation of a sweet treat
New me: I decide what and how much I want to eat

Before I started New Body Plan, I thought I had poor willpower. Then I investigated the subject a little more and discovered that it wasn’t willpower I was lacking. I just didn’t have the tools I needed to be in control of the choices I made. If you’d like to know more, read this willpower myth-busting story and learn from my mistakes.

Old me: I trained when I felt like it (read: hardly ever)

New me: I train regularly and feel great

In the past, mainly because I didn’t follow a plan or have a clear goal, my training was aimless – if it happened at all. I used to wait until I felt like I had enough time to train or had enough energy and, as a result, I rarely darkened the doors of my local gym. These days, I take the decision out of my hands. I write the sessions into my diary at the start of the week and I stick to them. And you know what, even when I am a bit tired or busy, I walk out of the gym feeling amazing.

Plan for success!
All of those changes happened because I followed an eight-week training plan. It’s no exaggeration to say that following that plan gave me power – the power to take charge of my life.  If you’ve not experienced that before, it’s quite hard to put into words just how big an impact it can have on your life. And if you really want to know just how good it feels, then give it a try.

To find your perfect transformation plan, take the New Body quiz!
Take the New Body quiz!

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