Avoid weight gain at Christmas!

The good news is that to stay in shape over Christmas don’t have to live like a saint throughout December – far from it!

Firstly, we appreciate that for many people losing weight is not a priority at this time of year, so trying to get leaner isn’t a realistic goal.

 That’s why the focus of this article isn’t on how you can strip away body fat over Christmas, but instead on how you can minimise the amount of weight you gain by making more well-informed food and drink decisions, without sacrificing enjoyment, to limit any increase in body-fat levels.

Here are some suggested motivating factors you can adopt to avoid weight gain this Christmas!

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Take the New Body quiz!

Motivation 1: You want to lose weight!

You want to lose some fat in January – who doesn’t? – but right now your main motivation is to minimise how much weight you add before then. After all, the more fat you gain in December, the longer and harder you’re going to have to work next year to undo all that damage and get back to your pre-Christmas weight.

Making a positive commitment to get through December without going overboard means your New Year fat-loss challenge will be far easier, not least because you’ll have adopted some very helpful healthy habits that will enable you to make big changes fast!

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Motivation 2: You want to save money!

This time of year is expensive: there’s parties and nights out, more restaurants and takeaways, and cupboards are filled with food and drink that has to be eaten. It means this is the one month in which our belts expand the most, followed by many more months in which it desperately needs to be tightened.

To remain in control, save money and stay in shape by prioritising quality over quantity. Don’t feel obliged to accept every invitation, especially if you don’t fancy it, and don’t get tricked by “mega savings” offers on giant tubs of sweets and snacks. If you buy them you’ll eat them – even if you don’t really want to – and the best way to save cash is to keep it in your wallet!

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Motivation 3: You want to feel fantastic!

As we’ve mentioned, much of the excitement ahead of Christmas comes from the anticipation of some time off, lounging in front of the TV, and eating whatever we want. But the truth is that too much inactivity combined with too much food and drink doesn’t make anyone feel good.

To get through December feeling great, staying as active as possible will stand you in good stead, both physically and mentally. A daily walk or run will burn plenty of calories, and release feel-good endorphins to keep your motivation levels high. Research proves just a 20-minute walk in nature improves feelings of health and happiness. So get those wellies on!

To find your perfect transformation plan, take the New Body quiz!
Take the New Body quiz!

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