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The best home gym squat stands

Upgrade your home gym with the perfect pair of squat stands so you can burn fat and build lean muscle to get leaner, bigger and stronger in the comfort of your own home. New Body Plan creator, and squat-loving lifter, Jon Lipsey runs the rule of the best new squat stands so you can find the perfect pair to pimp your home gym

Squat stands are one of the unsung home gym equipment heroes. They open up a new world of possibility in exercise variety and load selection. I’ve always used squat stands and love using them.

The first time I nailed a double bodyweight back squat wasn’t in a power rack. It was after taking the bar out of a pair of humble squat stands. And barbell back squats, as well as front squats, Zercher squats, and the other key barbell squat variations, played a major role in helping me shift 10kg of fat in just eight weeks to land on the front cover of Men’s Fitness magazine.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking of expanding and upgrading your home gym set-up.

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What are squat stands?

Squat stands are a pair of upright, well supported stands that will hold a barbell off the floor. They move independently, and they also usually have adjustable arms so you can change the height of the bar. Most options will allow you to adjust from between waist height to shoulder height in small, fixed increments.

Why do I need a pair of squat stands?

If you’re training with a barbell at home, squat stands are going to become useful very quickly. For example, without squat stands, you’re limited by the load you can get into position. You may be able to back squat 100kg but without stands you may only be able to get 50kg on your back. It’s not just lower body exercises that they’re useful for. You may be able to push press a heavier weight than you can get into the start position. You can also use them for many barbell bench press variations if you have a bench.

What’s the difference between stands and a squat rack?

There are two key differences: size and cost. Squat stands come as a pair of uprights. With a squat rack the two uprights are joined together for added stability. Another similar option is a power rack, which tends to have four uprights and is even bigger. Generally speaking, squat stands are the cheapest option and power racks are the most expensive.

Why would I choose stands over the other options?

The main reason is space. If space is limited then squat stands are easier to pack away into a corner. You can’t do that with squat racks or power racks.

Are there any drawbacks to squat stands?

The main issue with squat stands is what you do if you fail a rep. Some squat stands have short safety bars that will prevent the bar from crushing you if you miss a bench press rep. For squat variations – particularly back squats – it’s a bit trickier. Theoretically you can ditch the bar behind you but most home gyms aren’t set up to have a 100kg bar drop on the floor. This is also an issue with most squat racks. If you want to go really heavy and be safe then you should opt for a power rack with safety bars. But that may not be an option because of space and cost.

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The best new home gym squat stands

Homcom Squat Stands

Best squat stands for variety and value

Key info

Max load: 200kg
Minimum height: 58.5cm
Maximum height: 190cm
Was £73.99; Now £69.99
Buy it now from Amazon

What makes the Homcom stands so good?

There’s a lot to like about these stands from Homcom. For a start, the price is an absolute bargain. If you’re thinking of entering an elite powerlifting competition then the 200kg load capacity might not suffice. But for the vast majority of users, it will be absolutely fine.

Are these stands stable?

They’re relatively light, which reduces stability somewhat. But then it also makes them highly portable. If you’re lifting up to about 120kg you’ll feel perfectly stable. Up to 150kg starts to push it. Over that you may have stability issues in the back of your mind.

What are the key features?

There are three adjustable barbell holders, which means you can do a wide variety of exercises. For example, you could use the lower holder for rack pulls, the middle one for bench presses and the top one for squats and overhead presses. The lower rack arms that stick out are also good for potentially catching missed bench press reps.

Should I buy the Homcom squat stands?

These squat stands are perfect for you if you want to maximise your exercise options at an unbeatable price.

Buy it now from Amazon

Yaheetech Adjustable Squat Stands

Key info

Max load: 220kg
Minimum height: 114cm
Maximum height: 179cm
Adjustable levels: 14
Was £89.99; Now £79.99
Buy it now from Amazon

What makes these stands so good?

They are very similar to the Homcom stands, but the all-black design probably gives them an aesthetic edge.

Are these stands stable?

They’ve got a slightly heavier maximum capacity but they feel very similar. So, perfectly good for the vast majority of lifters. Less good if you’re Eddie Hall.

What are the key features?

There probably isn’t one aspect of these stands that is outstanding. It’s just a very good all-round product at a very reasonable price. If it wasn’t for the option above they could easily be the recommended choice.

Should I buy the Yaheetech Adjustable squat stands?

This is the set for you if you’re looking for a solid all-round option at a great price.

Buy it now from Amazon

JCM Strength Squat Stands

JCM best squat stands review

Key info

Max load: 350kg
Adjustable levels: 2
Buy it now from Best Gym Equipment

What makes these stands so good?

This is a really well-made product with a simple design. They’re also considerably heavier than the two options above.

Are these stands stable?

You bet they are. Each one weights 23kg, which helps to keep them in place. They are also made with one solid upright, rather than a telescopic arm. Those two things give you complete confidence when using a heavy bar.

What are the key features?

The quality of manufacturing and the stability. Once you graduate to some serious weight you’ll want to consider investing in something like this.

Should I buy the JCM Strength squat stands?

This is the perfect set for you if you want a really well made set up that will be rock-solid when you go heavy.

Buy it now from Best Gym Equipment

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