Build bigger, stronger and more defined arms with the best cable triceps moves

Sculpt seriously strong arms by building bigger and more defined triceps by adding these tried-and-tested triceps cable exercises to your gym training plan

The best cable machine triceps moves

Cable rope pressdown
Why? The rope attachment means you can move your triceps through their full range of motion, fully flexing the muscle at the bottom of each rep, for greater gains.

Cable EZ-bar pressdown
Why? Holding an EZ-bar slightly reduces range of motion but is the most joint-friendly grip on your wrist, allowing you to lift heavier and with greater control.

Cable overhead triceps extension
Why? Facing away from the cable stack and straightening your arms up and over your head works your triceps through a different movement pattern and a different angle to work more muscle fibres.

Single-arm cable triceps press down
Why? Working each arm independently prevents your dominant, stronger arm doing most of the work, allowing you to build up both arms equally.

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