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Want to build your best-ever body? I can show you how!

Hi, my name is Joe Warner and I am the co-founder of New Body Plan. I am a former Men’s Fitness cover model and was the magazine’s editorial director. So I know exactly what it takes to get in to shape. I’ve done it myself. And I’ve helped thousands of ordinary guys get extraordinary results to finally achieve the physiques they always wanted.

They include Ben, 33, who lost a staggering 6kg of fat in just six weeks of working with me to not only build a lean and defined cover model physique, but also finally overcome some long-standing health issues.

Nick H, 35, shed 7kg using the plan I designed for him to ditch his dad-bod and replace it with a strong and lean body. While Nick M, 40, built a big and muscular action-star physique under my guidance during lockdown.

Get the body you want!

If these guys, and many more, transformed their bodies – and started living fitter healthier and happier lives – under my expert guidance, then there’s no reason I can’t help you do the same.

And I’ve got some good news for you: I am currently taking on a small number of new online personal training clients.

Train with me and you’ll strip away your stubborn belly fat, whilst building defined muscles across your upper body.

How can I be so confident? Because I got into cover model condition myself. And now I’m going to share with you my fat-loss secrets so together we can fast-track your progress towards your best-ever body.

With me in corner, you’re finally going to build the leaner, stronger and more impressive physique you want.

Am I the right PT for you?

Before we go any further, I want you to be absolutely sure that I’m the right coach for you.

You see, I only work with a very specific guy with a very specific goal.

You want a leaner, more muscular and more defined physique. You want your clothes to fit exactly like they should, and to look and feel fantastic both in your clothes – and out of them. You want to make such a positive change to your body that even your mates ask how you did it.

Sounds right up your street? OK, here’s what you’ll get from me when we start working together: You’ll:

⦿ Get unlimited support from a coach who walks the walk
⦿ Receive expert advice and guidance when you need it
⦿ Build a lean, muscular and athletic-looking body
⦿ Shift stubborn body fat from your torso
⦿ Get a personalised training plan for rapid results
⦿ Discover how to eat for a leaner body but still enjoy your food

Here’s what needs to happen.

Simply email me at with the subject line: Let’s do this!

That’s it – I’ll take it from there.

Let’s build the body you want, together.

No more excuses. No more false starts. No more mistakes. Just results – and fast.


Joe Warner

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