“I lost 5.5kg of fat and got in the shape of my life during lockdown!

Nick Morrison, 40 from Braintree in Essex, lost 5.5kg of fat in eight weeks while also adding lean muscle to get into the shape of his life during lockdown

“I’d always been fit and physically active but the arrival of a new baby in October 2019 meant I stopped going to the gym and gave up exercise,” says Morrison. “So when I saw the NewBodyPlan.com fat-loss challenge, and with another baby on the way, I knew I had to sign up. The accountability really appealed to me, as I would log my workouts in the New Body Plan app, and I could track what I was eating too to make it easier to stay on the right track. And that’s what I needed: having a programme I could follow gave me the discipline I’d previously lacked to make the time and effort to train.”

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Morrison’s goal at the start of his eight-week better-body challenge was to lose fat, specifically his “beer belly and love handles” and build bigger and more defined muscles.

“I’m really happy with my progress in just a couple of months,” he says. “The app was so easy to use and Joe was always on-hand to answer any questions or help me make faster progress. The workouts were fantastic: challenging and rewarding, and it was great to see the weight fall off while also feeling much better about myself and getting my confidence back.”

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