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Using the minimum effective dose to maximise results: S01, E08

In this episode Jon Lipsey and his New Body Plan co-founder Joe Warner reveal why, when it comes to transforming your physique, sometimes less is more. They explore how you can use the concept of the ‘minimum effective dose’ when it comes to training and nutrition to maximise your progress. It’s all about doing just enough to get the result you want and no more.

Download it now to discover:
-How often you need to train to transform your body
-The optimal length of a transformation workout
-The simple diet adjustment that gives you incredible results
-How to pick up the easy nutrition habit change wins
-How long does it take to make a dramatic difference to how you look and feel

Supplements: what’s worth using and what’s a waste of money? S01, E07

In this episode Jon Lipsey and his New Body Plan co-founder Joe Warner examine the science behind the most popular sports nutrition products. They’ll help you identify what’s worth the money and what’s a waste of time.

Download it now to discover:
-What should you look for in a protein powder
-What’s the number one supplement that the guys would recommend
-What’s in pre-workouts and should you take them
-What you need to know before taking BCAAs
-What secret supplement weapons can accelerate your progress

The truth about fat loss diets : S01, E06

In this episode Jon Lipsey and his New Body Plan co-founder Joe Warner uncover the truth behind popular fat loss diets. They separate the food facts from fiction while steering you towards nutrition strategies that will have the biggest impact on your results. It’s essential listening for anyone who is confused about the best way to eat for the goals.

Download it now to discover:
-Who intermittent fasting diets such as 5:2 will work for, and who should steer clear
-Why flexible dieting (also known as IFFYM) may not be as flexible as it first appears
-The theory behind the New Body Plan approach to food and why it is designed to get real world results
-Is eating like a caveman a mammoth success or failure
-The biggest misunderstanding about low-carb diets
-Why Keto diets are gaining popularity and what you need to know before you dive in
-Why detox diets are a waste of time and money

The secrets of a successful fat loss transformation: S01 E05

In this episode Jon Lipsey and his New Body Plan co-founder Joe Warner reveal the secrets behind a successful fat loss transformation. Having both undertaken their own transformation plans they’re perfectly placed to give you insider advice that will fast track your results and let you smash your fat loss targets.

Listen now to discover:
-Why thinking like an athlete can get you elite-level results
-Why looking in the mirror can stall your progress
-Why the next workout is the most important one you’ll ever do
-How to anticipate and hurdle obstacles to stay in track for success
-The simple nutrition tweaks that yield incredible results
-The one thing you need to know before you pick up a weight
-The most important factor in determining whether you succeed or fail

How to break down any barrier to progress: S01 E04

In this episode Jon Lipsey and his New Body Plan co-founder Joe Warner look at the most common barriers to progress, such as lack of time, energy and motivation. So whatever is holding you back, you’ll get instantly actionable advice on how to make real progress and get the results you want.

Listen now to discover:
-How to look like an experienced lifter, even if you’ve never set foot in a gym before
-How to create the time you need to fit training in to a busy life schedule
-How to get all-day energy and improve sleep so you wake up fresh and energised
-How to get motivation on tap so take your training and results to new heights
-How to spend your money wisely so you can get in great shape on a budget

Are these fitness myths making you fat? S01 E03

In this episode Jon Lipsey and his New Body Plan co-founder Joe Warner bust the biggest myths about food and fitness while giving you simple and actionable tips on how to burn fat and build lean muscle.

Listen now to discover:
-Can you choose where you lose fat?
-What’s the best way to build abs?
-Is nutrition or exercise the biggest fat loss driver?
-Should you do weights or cardio to maximise fat loss?
-Will eating carbs after 6pm lead to weight gain?
-Can you drink beer without getting a belly?

Why people fail to lose fat, and how to succeed: S01 E02

In this episode Jon Lipsey and his New Body Plan co-founder Joe Warner examine the seven biggest mistakes people make when they try to lose fat. They also share simple and effective advice on how to sidestep these common pitfalls to get the results you want and deserve.

Listen now to discover:
-Whether you should or shouldn’t eat carbs if you’re trying to lose fat fast
-What to focus on to stay motivated and smash your goals
-Why being less than perfect will make you a winner
-Why restrictive diets make you miserable and how to eat for both pleasure and results
-Why relying on willpower will set you up for failure
-Wether cardio or weights will maximise fat loss
-Why lifting lighter weights could be the key to building muscle faster

From dad bod to cover model in 8 weeks: S01 E01

Learn how host Jon Lipsey lost 10kg of fat in just eight weeks to go from being an overweight 37-year-old to appearing on the front cover of Men’s Fitness magazine using the New Body Plan transformation system.

In this episode Jon and his New Body Plan co-founder Joe Warner dissect how Jon achieved his incredible transformation, giving you instantly actionable tips you can apply to your own eating and exercising habits.

They reveal:
-How to start your body transformation
-The mistakes people make when starting a new plan and how to avoid them
-How to stack the odds of success in your favour
-The simple nutrition approach that removes temptation
-Why a restrictive diet is unnecessary and unhelpful
-How to structure your training to maximise your results
-The three most important pieces of advice for anyone starting their own transformation

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