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The best meal prep ideas to lose weight faster!

Save time, money and effort while also getting the fat-loss results you want faster with these smart and simple meal prep ideas, says New Body Plan’s Joe Warner

Do one weekly shop

One of the very best meal prep ideas is to do one big food shop a week. Then you have everything you need for the next seven days. It takes a bit of effort up front but it’ll save you a lot of time and money. And then your cupboards will be full of foods that will help, rather than hinder, your better body goals. But never shop on an empty stomach when food cravings are at their highest!

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Prepare meals in big batches

If you do your big shop at the weekend you can also spend a couple of hours batch-cooking to meal prep for the week ahead. Again, this best meal prep tip will save you time and it will also make you more likely to stick to your eating plan. If you only have to heat something up, rather than cook from scratch when you get home after a hard day at work, you’ll be less likely to tap a food delivery app.

Buy quality food containers

Investing in a range of Tupperware is one of the most effective ways to make a big difference to the way you eat. Once you’ve batch cooked you can easily store your healthy meals and snacks. You can also use the containers to take your food with you, whether that’s bringing your lunch into work or carrying healthy snacks wherever you go. That’s meal prep perfection!

Use a cool bag for mobile meals

If you’ve got a fridge at work, great. You’ve got a place to store your food. If not, then get yourself a small cool bag and ice box so you can keep your meal prep food fresh. Healthy lunch options are usually either non-existent or a rip-off, so bringing your own meals with you will keep your fat-loss goal on track and save you cash.

Follow a meal prep plan

Even the best meal prep tips above won’t help unless you’re following a smart and sustainable meal plan. Doing so ensures you get the right balance of protein, carbs and fats for your goal. It removes the hassle out of thinking up healthy food ideas that taste good and you enjoy. Again, this takes the decision-making out of what you eat and can reduce the chances of you succumbing to temptation or reduces the risk of over-eating.

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