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The best mesomorph training plan

Mesomorphs are naturally lean, muscular and athletic, and have no trouble building muscle and staying lean. But as mesomorphs get older it becomes harder to maintain that impressive physique. Keep reading to discover the best mesomorph training plan so you can look as good today as you did at 20!

I’m an Mesomorph: what do I do?

You’ve always been lean, with defined muscles and the look and ability of a natural athlete. You were probably star of the school sports team and can turn your hand to any physical challenge. In fact, until recently you’d never worried about gaining weight. The thought of one day not being in shape had never crossed your mind.

But nothing last forever. Now a little older some of that muscle mass has vanised and there’s more to grab around your middle.

You might not be feeling that great about yourself right now. But the good news is that your genetics are still stacked in your favour. It won’t take too much time or effort to reverse this decline so you’re back to your best asap.

How to eat and train as an mesomorph

You’ve always been athletically gifted and it’s this strength you need to capitalise upon – and fast.

A challenging weight-training plan based on big compound lifts and intense isolation exercises will turn this around quickly.

Throw in some short and sharp high-intensity cardio drills and you’ll also strip away that spare tyre. And eating for a ripped physique has never been easier with our smart nutrition guide for more muscle and less body fat.

The best mesomorph training plan

New Body Plan 2.0 – our latest and most interactive gym-based training programme, is for you. It’s based on the original eight-week New Body Plan that Jon Lipsey used to ditch 10kg of fat to transform his physique from overweight dad-bod to Men’s Fitness magazine cover star.

Don’t think you could get into cover model shape? We’ve already helped tens of thousands of ordinary guys get extraordinary results. You could be our next success story!

Another option if you’re more interested in getting seriously strong is Warrior Strength. It’s a gym-based plan designed to send your strength into the stratosphere. The smart and progressive programme focuses on improving your squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press  one-rep maxes – in just eight weeks.

Warrior Strength is available exclusively through Club New Body Plan, which costs less than the price of a cup of coffee a week to join. You’ll get complete access to every single NBP workout plan, as well as all our fat-loss and muscle-building meal plans!

To find your perfect transformation plan, take the New Body quiz!
Take the New Body quiz!

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