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Lose weight quickly and easily with the best fat-loss diet for a leaner body

What’s the best fat-loss diet? That’s a question we get asked a lot.

Trouble is, we don’t like the phrase “fat-loss diet”. The word “diet” has so many negative connotations. It conjures up eating restrictions and having to cut out all your favourite foods. No one looks forward to starting a fat-loss diet.

But change the words – to “a simple and smart eating approach for a better body”, for example – and that’s something we can get on board with. It makes things look a lot more positive. And when you’re in a positive frame of mind, you can be much more consistent.

And that’s important. Why? Ultimately, whether or not you succeed in your ambition to build a stronger and leaner body will be determined by the application of a single word – consistency.

That means being consistent in following a workout plan. You need to do all your sessions – no excuses. And, as importantly, being consistent with eating the right foods at the right time (and eating with the right mindful mentality). Doing so will fuel your workouts and give your body all the essential nutrients it needs to burn fat, build muscle and make you look and feel great.

To help you make that happen we’ve created the ultimate feel good fat-loss diet – or better eating approach to make eating for a better body easier than ever. And we’ve called it the 90% Nutrition strategy.

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The best fat-loss diet for faster weight loss

In both scientific research and real life, consistency is what ultimately helps people control their calorie intake and manage hunger comfortably. By “comfortably” we mean causing the least amount of tension or frustration between your body composition goals (reducing your body-fat levels while increasing your lean muscle mass) and living the positive, balanced and happy life you want.

Our 90% Nutrition guide means you don’t need to eat “perfectly” 100% of the time to change your body. And our smart eating approach means that you don’t have to give up all your favourite foods, count calories, or drive yourself mad or miserable with cravings for a little bit of what you fancy.

Lose weight without losing the foods you love

In fact, most people do best when chasing a short-term body transformation goal by eating well 90% of the time. That means choosing nutrient-dense whole foods that will help them burn fat and build muscle – and eating for pleasure the other 10% of the time. This means you can still enjoy treats and snacks but in moderation.

Fully committed to achieving the very best body composition transformation possible? You will get superior results by eating for that goal 100% of the time. But if trying to maintain that 100% approach means that after a week or two you have a major blow-out and binge on foods you’ve been denying yourself, it’s better to be consistent at 90% and allow for the odd indulgence when you fancy it.

Remember, the “all or nothing” approach rarely gets you all. It usually gets you nothing!

The 90% Nutrition guide removes all the pressure of you trying to be “perfect” with your diet all day, every day. And, crucially, it allows you to eat for pure pleasure 10% of the time, to keep any cravings in check.

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Have a healthy relationship with food and eating

Allowing yourself to eat for pleasure means foods are no longer categorised as either “good” or “bad”. That always happens when you read about the latest or best fat-loss diet.

Such a black-and-white approach “moralises” foods and makes you think about certain foods in terms of guilt and regret instead of contentment and joy. That’s no way to live your life if you’re seeking greater health and happiness.

Instead of “good” or “bad” foods which feature in almost all so-called best fat-loss diets, think instead of foods falling on a spectrum of “eat more often” and “eat less often”. Minimally processed foods such as lean protein, vegetables, fruits, wholegrains and healthy fats are foods to eat more often. However, as we mentioned, this doesn’t mean “eat always”.

Highly processed foods and drinks such as chips, crisps, biscuits, cakes, pizza, bacon, ice cream, chocolate, fizzy drinks and alcohol should be consumed less often.

But, again, this doesn’t mean “never”. Thinking about food in these terms, and then using our Perfect Portion meal-building approach, makes it incredibly easy to choose “eat more often” foods, while also making those “eat less often” foods a more enjoyable and guilt-free experience when you do consume them. And who doesn’t want that?

Lose fat with the flexible eating approach to food

One big advantage of 90% Nutrition is that if you’re going to a wedding, party, work conference or other event where the food is likely to be in the “eat less often” category, it’s not a problem!

Use it as an opportunity to enjoy, in reasonable amounts, some of those foods that are good for the soul. You’ll enjoy these foods guilt-free, have a fun and relaxing social experience – and still be moving towards your better body goal.

Of course, if you don’t follow the 90% Nutrition approach with purpose and awareness, then it can become very easy to find yourself on a slippery slope where it’s tempting to justify and rationalise consuming a higher proportion of “eat less often” foods at the expense of “eat more often” foods.

To prevent this happening you need to be honest with yourself, and recognise that consistency is what really matters. If you get this right, you can follow this approach and get great results both over the next eight weeks, and then maintain your better body easily – and indefinitely.

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