Build bigger, stronger and more defined arms with the best cable machine biceps moves

Get the bigger biceps you want to transform your upper body with these arms-building cable machine lifts

Cable EZ-bar bar biceps curl
Why? The undulating shape of the bar keeps your wrists in the most natural position so you can focus on lifting and lowering the weight smoothly to place and keep maximum tension on the biceps.

Cable rope hammer curl
Why? Using a rope handle allows your wrists to turn inwards so your palms face your sides, which allows you to lift a heavier weight and changes the emphasis to a different part of the biceps muscle (as well as the forearms) to build bigger arms and a stronger grip.

Double-cable biceps curl
Why? Standing in the middle of the cable machine, holding a D-handle in each hand attached to the low pulley means you can start each rep with your hands back and behind your sides. This allows your biceps to move through a far greater range of motion to work more parts of the muscle.

High-cable biceps curl
Why? Holding a D-handle in each hand attached to the high pulley, with you standing in the middle of the machine, then bending at the elbows to move your hands in towards your ears and back out again, works your biceps in a way that’s impossible to replicate with any other piece of gym kit, so works the muscles in a different way to encourage growth.

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