Hard gainer ectomorph train to add muscle burn fat

The best ectomorph workout plan to build bigger muscles

Ectomorphs are typically tall and slim with long, lean limbs, and have serious trouble adding lean muscle mass. Sounds like you? Discover the perfect ectomorph workout plan so you can finally build the bigger and stronger body you want, says New Body Plan’s Joe Warner

I’m an Ectomorph: what do I do?

First things first. It’s likely you’ve always been decent at endurance sports. And while you spent your youth very lean (maybe with visible abs) now you’re older you have a “skinny fat” physique. This means you’ve little muscle on your arms, torso or legs, but have a growing belly around your middle.

The bad news is you may feel “out of shape” and not be happy with how you look. The good news is some very simple fixes will shrink your belly – and add new muscle too!

How to eat and train as an ectomorph

It’s simple – you need to start lifting weights. Resistance training is one of the best forms of training to burn belly fat whilst building new muscle. Yes, you can burn fat and build muscle simultaneously, especially if you’re new to weight training.

Shrinking your belly combined with adding upper body muscle will completely transform your reflection in the mirror. And following a progressive ectomorph training plan, combined with a smart nutrition approach to eat for a better body, means you’ll make rapid progress towards the big, strong and athletic physique you want.

The best ectomorph workout plan

If you’ve never lifted weights then start with the New Body Plan Six-Week Bodyweight Shred. Or you can do the Six-Week Dumbbell Shred if you’ve got dumbbells at home. There’s even an Advanced version of the Dumbbell Shred plan if you’re already an experienced lifter and want a tough challenge!

Got a gym membership? Our latest and most innovative training programme – New Body Plan 2.0 – is for you. I

t’s a brand new and interactive version of the original eight-week New Body Plan that Jon Lipsey used to burn 10kg of fat in just eight weeks to go from skinny fat to fitness magazine cover model.

And if it worked for him it will work for you! How do we know? Because it’s already helped thousands of ordinary guys get extraordinary results around the world.

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