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3 easy ways to get rid of man boobs

Follow these tried-and-tested tactics to strip fat from your chest fast to get rid of your man boobs – once and for all!

Man boobs, moobs, male melons, mannery glands, bloke baps… there are plenty of funny names for the appearance of excess body fat around a man’s chest, but you’ll know that if you suffer from gynaecomastia – the medical name for man boobs – it’s no laughing matter.

And the condition is no joke because it’s incredibly common, with up to 30% of men suffering from it at some point in their lives, according to the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. It predominately affects teenage boys, when an imbalance between the primary male sex hormone and testosterone and the primary female sex hormone oestrogen during puberty causes the problem.

The main cause of man boobs in adult men is being overweight: not only does excess body fat get stored around your chest, carrying too much fat can elevate oestrogen levels and lower testosterone levels, creating a vicious cycle of weight gain that makes the problem worse. (Here’s how you can boost your testosterone levels in three easy – and natural – ways.)

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Lose your moobs
Luckily there’s a very simple solution to getting rid of man boobs (as well as losing lower back fat and burning off your beer belly). All you need to do is follow the tips below to turn your body into a fat-burning machine so you not only starting shifting body fat fast, but also build some lean muscle mass. The combined effect of stripping away fat while adding muscle tone and definition will transform your torso so you can build an upper body to be proud off!

1. Sort your sleep!
If you’re regularly failing to get enough sleep then it’s no wonder you’re gaining weight. Being sleep deprived primes your body to store more fat because you’re constantly tired and craving high-sugar and high-fat foods to raise your flagging energy level.

Improving your sleep – both in terms of sleep quantity and sleep quality – can have an instant positive impact on your hormones, allowing more testosterone to be produced to nullify the fat-promoting oestrogen – which makes burning body fat and building muscle so much easier.

There are lots of effortless ways to sleep better, including cutting back on coffee, avoiding too much screen time before bed, and keeping your bedroom dark and cool, so check out our complete guide to how to sleep like a baby every night.

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2. Stop drinking sugar!
Some estimates now claim that at least 25% of the daily calories we consume in the Western world come from liquids. That’s an astonishingly high percentage of energy to come from beverages, and cutting back on the number of calories you drink is the single-most influential dietary decision you can make to shift those moobs as quickly as you want.

The worse culprits are obviously cans of fizzy drinks: a 500ml bottle of Coca Cola has 210 calories, that’s 10% more than a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donut, and contains 13 teaspoons of sugar (imaging putting that many in your cup of tea!). Booze also causes moobs: a pint of 5% lager can contain up to 250 calories, so it only takes four pints to consume almost half the total amount of calories you need each day.

Fruit juice, milkshakes and creamy coffees are also packed with sugar, so if you’re serious about shifting your chesticles stick to water, green tea and black coffee. If you must drink alcohol, try these 3 low-calorie alcoholic drink swaps to avoid gaining weight, and check out this – it’s one of our most popular articles – on the 7 ways to eat for a leaner body.

3. Move your body!
The best way to lose you moobs is to move your body more. Why? Being sedentary – spending all day sitting at your desk, then all night sitting on the sofa – means you overwhelmingly likely to be consuming more calories than you burn, and that’s going to make those man boobs bigger, not smaller.

Any activity that gets you out of breath and sweating is going to torch calories, and if you can consistently burn off more than you eat you’ll start to see a reduction in body fat levels and your chest looking and feeling tighter and more defined, rather than saggy and loose. Cardio exercise is a great place to start, so check out this article on the best cardio training to burn body fat, or do this special home workout that targets and eliminates man boobs!

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