Is a fear of failure stopping you from burning fat and building muscle?

Here’s how you can overcome the number one reason why most people fail to lose weight

Hi, Joe here, with a quick post about something I’ve thought about a lot since last week.

You see, I was recently on TalkSport, a very popular phone-in radio station here in the UK. I was a guest on the Sports Bar, hosted by Andy Goldstein and ex-professional footballer Jason Cundy, and I’m on every month to answer listeners’ health and fitness questions.

Usually it’s fantastic fun and we get some great callers. But last week I left the studio feeling down. Why? Because there was a recurring theme from the listeners who rang in. They all claimed that they really wanted to lose weight and take back control of their health and fitness, but they simply didn’t know where to start – so they weren’t going to do anything.

Do you fear failure?
This is a very common problem. Usually it’s because previous attempts to get into shape have failed, so your confidence is shot to bits. Sometimes it’s a temptation to do nothing, rather than run the risk of “getting it wrong”, or not wanting to start down a path that could be a dead-end. This fear of failure, or lack of faith in a fitness plan, are the main reasons why most people get fatter and unhealthier, despite desperately wanting to get stronger, leaner and fitter.

As someone who has made huge positive changes to the way I look, feel and perform, this “failure philosophy” makes me sad. And then it makes me angry.

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The path to progress
I know that anyone – and yes, I’m talking to you – can lose fat, build muscle and transform their bodies for the better, and all it requires is the right plan and a little bit of time and effort. And it’s not simply because I’ve done it myself: I’m in regular contact over social media and email with hundreds of people who’ve got into incredible shape by taking charge and committing to improve their health and fitness, which has in turn improved every other area of their lives.

It’s why we started New Body Plan: to create the blueprint of how to exercise and eat for just eight weeks so you will burn fat, build muscle and get into the shape of your life. You don’t need to think about anything – we’ve taken the entire thought process out of it – so all you have to do is follow the plan as closely as possible. So if you’re full of desire to begin building a leaner and fitter body, as well as living life to the full, I’ve got a proposition for you.

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That will take a massive 33% off the price of your New Body Plan workout programme – and I’ve arranged for a free Success Planner to be included with every New Body Pack order.

And remember that we also offer a money-back guarantee, and have recently launched Home and Dumbbell training plans, so you don’t even need a gym membership to start building the body you’ve always wanted!

Get in touch
As always, if you have any questions about the different New Body Plan training programmes and which one is best for you, or have any general exercise or eating questions, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram. I get back to every question, so don’t be a stranger!

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Take the New Body quiz!

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