How to keep a journal

Make keeping your journal second nature to become healthier and happier than ever!

The easiest way to start your journal – and keep going – is to find some time that suits your regular routine. It may be as soon as you wake up or once you’ve eaten breakfast, or when you get in at the end of the day, or before getting into bed. It doesn’t matter when you do your journal: doing it is more important! Here are three other ways to stay on track.

1 Keep it in sight
Journaling has the biggest positive benefits when it’s done consistently, and you’re more likely to do your journal if it’s in sight and easy reach. Leaving it on your bedside table with a couple of pens will make your morning and evening entries easy to do, or you could even carry it in your work bag so you can journal when commuting or during some spare moments in the day.

2 Ditch the distractions
Doing your daily journal entries doesn’t take long, but you do need to be fully focused to get the greatest benefits. Move your phone and laptop away or turn off your notifications to give you some distraction-free time to fully engage with your journal. Doing it quickly and/or without your full attention won’t deliver those big benefits you want.

3 Talk about it
As well as improving your life, keeping a journal can help you have closer and deeper relationships with your friends and family, especially if they start their own journals too! Talking more about your thoughts, feelings, ambitions, fears and worries with people who care about you can help you focus on what you want out of life, and deal with challenges and difficulties.

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