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How many calories in gin and tonic?

Fancy a G&T but also want to strip away stubborn belly fat? How many calories in gin and tonic depend on the style of drink you make. And the good news is that some smart selections means you can raise a glass without expanding your waistline. Here’s what you need to know!

If you’re thinking about the calories in gin and tonic, it’s probably because you want to avoid developing a beer belly.

If that’s the case, a G&T is a smart drink choice. Why? Because a double gin with 200ml of tonic contains around 190 calories. That compares favourably to pint of 5% ABV lager, which contains around 225 calories, or the same as a slice of pepperoni pizza. But you can still get your G&T calorie count down – and without compromising on the taste!

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How can I reduce the calories in gin and tonic?

If you’re looking to minimise the calories in gin and tonic there are a couple of things you can do. The first would be to opt for a single measure (25ml). That will half the calorie count to around 62 calories, compared to 124 calories in a double (50ml) measure.

The second is to switch to slimline or diet tonic water mixer. A 200ml of slimline tonic contains next-to-zero calories, compared to 68 calories in the full-sugar version.

These two smart swaps will therefore shrink the total calorie count by more than a third to just 62 calories. And we’ll drink to that!

Will the calories in gin and tonic cause me to gain weight?

The main thing that makes you gain weight is consuming more calories than you burn. So if the calories in gin and tonic cause you to go into a calorie surplus, they will contribute to weight gain. In reality, however, the odd single gin and slimline tonic isn’t going to make you fat. The issue comes when you have multiple double gins with standard tonic water.

But that’s not the only thing to be aware of. Here’s what else you need to watch out for:
• When people drink multiple alcoholic drinks they also tend to eat less healthy foods. These foods can also contribute to excess calorie consumption and weight gain.
• Alcohol consumption can reduce your sleep quality, which is associated with weight gain.
• Alcohol consumption can reduce your energy levels and make you less likely to exercise.

So, it’s not just the calories in gin and tonic that you need to be aware of. It’s the other stuff you eat when you’re drinking and how it affects your mood and behaviour.

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How do the calories in gin and tonic compare to other alcoholic drinks?

The calories in gin and tonic are generally lower than most alcoholic drinks. Here’s how they sack up against some other popular choices:

Pint of 5% lager 225 calories
Large glass (250ml) of red wine 211 calories
Double rum and coke 173 calories

So, the calories in a gin and tonic compare pretty favourably to the examples above. If you were to have three pints of 5% lager, that would add up to 675 calories. Conversely, three single gin and slimline tonics is just 186 calories. So just by making that switch you’d save almost 500 calories. That’s nearly the number of calories in a McDonald’s Big Mac!

How many units are there in a gin and tonic?

It’s not just the calories in gin and tonic that you should be aware of. It makes sense to know how many units of alcohol are in your drinks. A single measure (25ml) of standard strength (40% ABV) gin has 0.9 units. That compares pretty favourably to a pint of 5% lager, which has about 3 units. For context, the NHS’s alcohol advice is that men drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week.

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Is a gin and tonic a good choice if I want to get fit?

Compared with other alcoholic drinks, the calories in gin and tonic make it a sensible choice. Ultimately, no alcoholic drink is going to help you get fitter (sadly).

But you don’t have to be perfect to make great progress. And sometimes, allowing yourself a bit of the stuff you enjoy can help your long-term adherence. You’re much better off having a single gin and tonic once a week than you are going teetotal for a few weeks and then going on a bender. So, if you are opting for a gin and slim, we’ll raise a glass to that!

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