The best cable machine chest moves

If you want to build a bigger, stronger and broader chest, do these cable machine chest exercises to get the results you want – fast!

The best cable machine chest moves

Cable chest press
The cables places tension across your entire chest during both the lifting stage of each rep (the part where your press your hands forward and away from your torso), as well as during the lowering part of the rep (when you bend your elbows to return your hands slowly and under control back to the start position.

The cable chest press also works your chest muscles through a greater range of motion – if you begin each rep with your hands just behind your torso – and you can get a much better and harder contraction in the inner part of chest muscles – by bringing your hands together to touch in front of your body for at least one second when you straighten your arms – than you can achieve when using the barbell bench press, Smith machine bench press, or fixed-machine chest press.

Build a broad and strong chest with the cable chest press!

Cable flye
Why? It allows you to work your chest more safely and with more control than with dumbbells lying on a bench, and bringing your hands together and holding them there against the tension in the cables will work your pecs even harder.

Use the cable flye to build a more defined chest!

High-cable crossover
Why? Bring your hands down in a wide arc so that your hands cross in front of your body works all parts of the chest muscles through a full range of motion, as well as stretches the muscles at the start position to work your chest more thoroughly.

Build more lean muscle across your chest with high-cable crossovers!

Low-cable crossover
Why? This crossover variation, where the pulleys are at the bottom of the machine, works your chest muscles through a different movement plane and from a different angle to the more popular high-cable move, to hit other parts of the muscles to fatigue even more muscle fibres.

Add size and strength to your upper chest and shoulders with the low-cable crossover!


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